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13 Tips to prevent you from being pickpocketed

13 Tips to prevent you from being pick-pocketed - stingray villa, Cozumel

Whether you’re enjoying an intimate getaway in the suburbs, partying in the metropolis, vacationing in the dreamy beaches in Mexico you must keep your guard up for personal security! The wealthy, the destitute, the brilliant, the oblivious; Nobody is immune to pickpockets hunting for their next victim. But fret not! Follow these proposed steps to keep your pocketbook and belongings safe from wandering criminals.

While it may get difficult for tourists to spot the average pickpocket in immense crowds, there are some tips to help identify thieves. By noticing a few determining characteristics of pickpockets this will make them easier to pinpoint and elude. Pickpockets are notorious for acting in groups. One to two members will mislead you or converse with you. This is now the time their accomplice will rob you and walk away smiling. Beware of the child pickpockets. Their innocent demeanor will make it hard for you to suspect them. They use that as a weapon against unsuspecting foreigners! Well-dressed and normal, pickpockets master the craft of blending in with their surroundings to not raise any eyebrows. Avoid taking out your bag/purse and belongings in crowded areas such as public transports, malls, and tourist attractions. Blown away by an exquisite meal at a restaurant? The pickpocket will use your lack of vigilance to steal your wallet and disappear before you swallow the first morsel. Hence, you must exercise extra vigilance in populated destinations.

Your best chance would be to remain alert and assertive instead of acting like a wide-eyed tourist. This attitude intimidates the pickpockets into thinking you’re a local aware of their cons. Secure your backpacks and purses around people. Do not carry excessive cash to prevent the pickpocket from robbing you of your fortune. Always keep copies of your valuable documents. Please avoid carrying all your money in one place.

All being said, don’t let these petty thieves keep you from traveling around the world and enjoying each moment.

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