A great seafood restaurant on Cozumel

A Great Fish Restaurant on Cozumel

La Conchita del Caribe Since it’s a new day, it’s time for more lunchtime Shrimp & Pulpo Ceviche – and  La Conchita del Caribe makes the best in Cozumel. Probably the best we’ve had since visiting Cozumel 20 years ago, in fact. Anyway, back to the food. Ordering at La Conchita del Caribe is difficult because the menu is quite varied and everything—and we mean everything—is excellent. Try the local fishermen’s favorite Dorado (mahi-mahi). It arrives at your table grilled to perfection, white and flaky. One thing that we always have in Cozumel is fresh fish and plenty of fishermen who work hard to bring you these delicacies daily.