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A Guided Walking Tour on Cozumel

Walking tour on Cozumel Mexico - stingray villa

Want to roam around and find the best of the best in a new place, but do not know how to go about it? Worry not! All your blues are going to turn into a thousand splendid rays with the walking tours available in Cozumel. Make the best out of your tour in Cozumel and explore the island like never before.

Our top favorite is the Cozumel History walking tour. Feel the essence of a cultural and heritage significance of Cozumel and witness this historical beauty through a different lens. A 3-hour walking tour comprises of a tour to explore some of the major and most renowned (as well as some lesser-known) places to get into the skin of the Island. 

This package includes a complete input by the guides coupled with a chance for tasting tequilas and lunch. Yes, you heard us right! Sounds exciting? Trust us, it is as fun and exciting as it sounds. Hear the guides tell you tales about the ever visually pleasing island of Cozumel. Although the tour allows for twelve people at a time, it is a viable option for a unique and subjective experience. Passionate and intrigued himself, the guide will make sure you have a time of your life. So, explore par the beaches of Cozumel and book yourselves a walking tour in Cozumel. 

Have a quench for an adventurous twist to your walking tour in Cozumel? We have got that sorted out too. The Amazing Cozumel Race which consists of a small group tour and a scavenger hunt is everything you have dreamt of. You can divide yourselves into teams within the tour groups and compete for a triumph of resolving mysteries and smash open all clues. This 4.5-hour tour includes refreshments too. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer and enjoy Cozumel in a distinct way. 

Stingray Villa

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