Friendliest bars on Cozumel

Friendliest bars on Cozumel

Knock down a flavor-packed margarita and jazz your way through some of Cozumel’s friendliest bars! Like candy works for children, seaside bars automatically fix everything let loose. Alberto’s Beach Bar and Restaurant in Cozumel is a star. Adjacent to the sea, this bar is perfect for a romantic dine out or catching up with old friends. Not to forget, no one does fresh seafood like Alberto’s. Can’t you feel your mouth water thinking about those lobster tails, the fish tacos, and the conch ceviche? Top tip: propose your girlfriend on Alberto’s on the beachside bar, and trust us, you got this!

Looking for flavor punched mocktails and margaritas that tantalize your taste buds and make room for the perfect date spot? Head over to Wet Wendy’s and experience a margarita wonderland. Set in a perfect location, Wet Wendy’s offers some of the finest beef tacos as well. As unique as the name is, Wet Wendy’s is a highly different place that is a must try for tourists, especially. Despite Wet Wendy being on the inner side and requiring some extra walk, it is an experience worth shot. Besides, who doesn’t love a few steps extra just to keep those calories on track?

Boredom is the last thing you’ll feel when in Woody’s Bar and Grill. Next to the poolside, Woody’s is a wholesome experience that is not only the best bar in Cozumel but a complete condensation of perfect nighttime. Ranging from classic American dishes such as burgers and fries to Mexican staples such as tacos and empanadas, Woody’s has got it all covered. And not to forget, what are drinks without some music? Live music, amazing food, and exceptional guitarists are the spotlight of Woody’s. Oh, and do not forget too much on their bacon wrapped shrimps. You see, you got to do what you got to do!

A Spa Day on Cozumel

A Spa Day on Cozumel

What’s your thought of an ideal tour to Cozumel? Snorkeling, beaches, food? While all of this is significant, your trip to Cozumel should not end without a spa day therein. Picture this, you’re lying down on a massage chair or bed, away from the miseries of a worldly demeanor, and lost in your own world. With your eyes closed and your mind relaxed, you could think of everything that your every day’s busy schedule did not let you think of. Tempting enough?

Book an Ashiatsu barefoot massage in Cozumel in literally $60 per hour, only! Have you ever heard of a barefoot massage whereby the massager climbs on you and uses his/her feet to massage you? No, right? And even if you have, now is the right time to experience it firsthand. While Reiki is also available, the pressure could be increased or decreased as per your will and this barefoot massage is a deep tissue repair, one that leaves you loosened up. Sally Hurwitch, an American certified therapist helps you forget all your worries and helps your body rejuvenate. Sally being a solo practitioner, you’re guaranteed the same services as you’ve heard of. Customers having experienced this massage has nothing but sheer praises for Sally’s intuition when it comes to applying the right pressure. Buckle up folks, people having back aches now know exactly where to head to.

While most spas are only fillers that tell you a time span but never really follow it up, Sally mentions the time and asks you to keep a track, and hands-down there hasn’t been a single time when the massage ended before an hour. Thinking about the perfect surprise gift for your wedding anniversary? This year, book yourselves with Sally and surprise your significant other with a flat-out relaxing dreamy and comforting massage.

The best Cafe on Cozumel

The Best Cafe on Cozumel

Living this life for good food and travel? Hola! We’ve got everything covered. Maple Bakehouse, set in the heart of Cozumel is hands-down a top-notch restaurant catering to people of all ages. A paradise for the vegan and like gold to glitter for men and women wanting a fusion of Mexican and American food. Nothing feels better than finding your kind of food on vacations, right? For those undergoing diseases like celiac, go no further and chose your favorite dishes at Maple Bakehouse, for it specializes in gluten-free food as well. A cozy ambiance, marked by an item of modern and intricate furniture and beautiful plants exude nothing but absolute comfort, almost like a home away from home!

Explore the vast variety of Maple Bakehouse’s menu, ranging from Mexican nachos to eggs benedict, from a hearty plate of pancakes to a side of scrambled eggs and fruits. Drool-worthy, no? Keeping its policies friendly for the locals and especially for tourists, Maple Bakehouse accepts Master cards and Visa cards. No worries if you forgot to pick up that cash! Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered even if you got yourself injured and need to use a wheelchair. Maple Bakehouse believes in inclusivity and has made a zone for wheelchairs to enter. Picture this! You’re sitting outdoors with your significant other in a breezy night and with clouds hanging low on the sky. The candles are lit and its just you and your significant other, with delicious food, the right ambiance and a spark of togetherness. Truly delightful! We challenge you to believe and trust Maple Bakehouse with your food choices because hygienic and truly delicious food within the price range that Maple Bakehouse offers are an unparalleled endeavor to make your vacations truly special.

Coolest beaches on Cozumel

Coolest beaches on Cozumel

If you’re someone for whom nature is like oxygen (almost as important as living) you must not miss this one! Having some of the finest beaches of the world, Cozumel’s Dzul Ha, in the West Coast is a sight for sore eyes. The fantasies of sitting by a riverside with clean water, a book in one hand and Pina Colada in the other can come to reality. Encompassing dreamy greenish-blue water that looks as clear as glass is an offer hard to resist.

Have faith darling, Playa Azul in Cozumel is a total family-sweetheart. Families love it when beaches aren’t overcrowded, and Playa Azul is the best shot you can get if your family is looking for less crowded places too. Often parents find it hard to go back from the beach; children find it hard to let go of the sandy beaches, their castles and the fun ensuing henceforth.

But what are vacations if only children get to enjoy while the real deal is to let yourself lose and live in the moment? With windsurfing equipment being available in San Juan, the dads can let go of all the work toxicity and the moms can truly have a moment to themselves without fretting about the children. And no, you won’t have to pack yourself a backpack full of food. With some yummy-scrummy Cozumel specialties and delicacies available at the local shops near San Juan, this is a complete package. Get yourself and your family a taste of San Juan with the catamaran cruise and snorkeling trip. Nothing sounds better than a cruise trip, does it? And oh, don’t forget to take your wife to a ride on the jet-ski to make this one an extra special moment.

These wonders of sheer beauty and absolute mesmerism will leave your family ecstatic with an experience to behold for years.

The One Thing You Can't Miss on Cozumel

The One Thing You Can’t Miss on Cozumel

Engross yourself in the splendor of a breathtaking seaside of Cozumel, coupled with a splendid and absolutely luxurious lobster dinner on a cruise. Sail through the terrific Caribbean ocean while traveling on the historic and magnificent vessel of the Old Spanish Galleon.

Cozumel’s cruise dinner is an experience that will stay close to your heart and will leave you awe-struck. Sailing your way through the ocean while envisaging a breathtaking sunset in the old Galleon will take you through the memoirs of pirates and their impressive sails. The turquoise water as clear as crystals, the feeling of relaxing through the waters and floating through life-dilemmas is an offer one can’t resist. Feel your mouth delve into a succulent dinner of fresh lobsters or chicken and seal the deal with some of the finest wines.

Imagine sitting in the cruise, with the ocean breeze touching your skin and letting your hair dance its way through your sail. Sip on the ice-cold wines of your choice and talk about the remnants of your life with your loved ones.

And if you’re someone looking forward to some fun and dancing, then rock the dance floor with some zeal, zest, and enthusiasm. With the music that will make your toes tap, and with absolutely fun and immersive games, some fantastic prizes and some romantic dancing, Cozumel’s cruise dinner could be your next favorite spot for romantic dinners and re-visits. With the minimum age for traveling on the cruise being 6 years, this one is the safest option for you and your kids too.

P.s if you’re in for a cruise-setting to conduct your small, cozy and beautiful wedding day, look no further and book this cruise dinner. We dare you to believe us, this one decision can make your wedding like nothing seen before!

Walking tour on Cozumel Mexico

A Guided Walking Tour on Cozumel

Want to roam around and find the best of the best in a new place, but do not know how to go about it? Worry not! All your blues are going to turn into a thousand splendid rays with the walking tours available in Cozumel. Make the best out of your tour in Cozumel and explore the island like never before.

Our top favorite is the Cozumel History walking tour. Feel the essence of a cultural and heritage significance of Cozumel and witness this historical beauty through different a lens. A 3-hour walking tour comprises of a tour to explore some of the major and most renowned (as well as some lesser-known) places to get into the skin of the Island. 

This package includes a complete input by the guides coupled with a chance for tasting tequilas and lunch. Yes, you heard us right! Sounds exciting? Trust us, it is as fun and exciting as it sounds. Hear the guides tell you tales about the ever visually pleasing island of Cozumel. Although the tour allows for twelve people at a time, it is a viable option for a unique and subjective experience. Passionate and intrigued himself, the guide will make sure you have a time of your life. So, explore par the beaches of Cozumel and book yourselves a walking tour in Cozumel. 

Have a quench for an adventurous twist to your walking tour in Cozumel? We have got that sorted out too. The Cozumel race which consists of a small group tour and a scavenger hunt is everything you have dreamt of. You can divide yourselves into teams within the tour groups and compete for a triumph of resolving mysteries and smash open all clues. This 4.5-hour tour includes refreshments too. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer and enjoy Cozumel in a distinct way. 

Best Live Music Bar on Cozumel

Best Live Music Bar on Cozumel

Double the fun and lessen any troubles with Cozumel’s best live music bar- The Money Bar Beach Club! With assorted American and Mexican cuisines and absolutely divine flavors, Money Bar Beach Club is a travel-game-changer. Worry not for the bar has currencies from all over the world. So, buy and indulge as you will. Whether you’re on a roll or are looking forward to managing that tight budget, Money Bar Beach Club has gotten your back. Centered on the renowned Dzul-Ha Reef, this bar is a sight to behold.

Guess what? The new dining area and the premium bar along with the kid’s menu and wheelchair access to the people coming therein is the best offer one can get. P.s who doesn’t love a place for free parking? Perhaps, if free parking is like gold to glitter for you, rush to The Money Bar Beach Club!

Fancy this, you take your significant other to date at the Money Bar Beach Club and get to sit outdoors, indulge in some snorkeling (they have plenty of some of the best fish available) and then get to see a live sunset! Woah! We’re packing our bags for we know where to go for our anniversary date!

Home to some of the best musicians in town, this Beach Bar extends the courtesy of some beat-picking, truly enjoyable live music. Weekends with your friends to jam along with the music band and to knock down some lip-smacking margaritas are now made so much better with The Money Bar Beach Club. Believe us or not, this beach club is the word of the mouth of every local and tourist alike. For a courteous staff, finger licking good food items, live music, and entertainment and cozy ambiance are troublesome to find, and that too, all under one roof!

Cycling Holidays on Cozumel

Cycling Holidays on Cozumel

Feeling the earth destruction? Want to contribute to saving the beautiful land that is your responsibility and your right? Don’t fret fellows, we’ve got you!

Tour de Cozumel on cycles is a travel adventure that is a must have and a total showstopper! Whether you want to indulge in a lavish cycling adventure or are on a tight budget, Cozumel’s cycling tours have got you. Beach Bum Bikes, Punta Sur Adventure Eco Tour is a cycling tour that you’ll love. The ride is for full 5 hours in the park and includes transportation from the main waterfront in town. The sandy land is tough terrain that requires some sheer determination, but the bikes provided are adequate for this tour. As they say, no trip is complete without food included in it. Likewise, this trip includes a traditional Mexican lunch, water, soft drinks, and tequileria. What’s better than getting to have a lagoon boat ride and a crocodile habitat stop within this cycling package?

We love it when the customer is cared for, first and foremost. Beach Bum Bikes allow you to cancel your reservation any time you feel so or in case of an emergency. This is a total family heartthrob. The kids along with the parents can enjoy the rides and as safe as it is, this one’s truly enjoyable. Since all payments are made through PayPal, no personal information is required. Heads up!

Promoting an eco-savvy sort of tourism in Cozumel, it seeks to lessen pollution and the subsequent effects of pollution and earth-wreckage. We urge you to play your part and chose cycling tours so little by little, one by one, we can make the earth green again, safe again and thriving again.

Where To Buy Organic Food on Cozumel

Where To Buy Organic Food on Cozumel

Feeling nauseous and unhealthy with all the junk you sought for your body? Cozumel has some amazing places to let your body detox and to feel fresh with some really good and truly organic food.

La Cuisine by Nutribalance is just the right spot for you if you’re looking for a detox tour. Even the name starts making you feel healthier! Or is it just us feeling this way? Placed in the heart of Cozumel, La Cuisine specializes in some of the finest organic foods such as yummy-scrummy detox juices and salads as big as the Island of Cozumel. Don’t believe us? Head over to La Cuisine to find out for yourself! Who doesn’t love some truly delicious and healthy food at reasonable rates? We’d love to spare a few bucks! And the cherry on the icing is the sweet owner of La Cuisine who literally gives away energy balls to people for the rest of their day in Cozumel. Lovely, isn’t it?

And no, we aren’t forgetting our vegan brothers and sisters! Bio & Natural is “The Place” for finding scrumptious vegan and non-veg food items. This is a super awesome place to eat and buy some vegetarian or vegan food! I got the tacos and omg so yummy! You can also buy natural nonfood items as well! Will definitely go back! writes Kristen on one of her travel blogs. And guess what? Bio & Natural is one place that is almost 60% cheaper than most restaurants in its surroundings. Don’t know about you but we love, for ourselves, a hearty meal of lip-smacking flavors, some aromas to devour and a portion enough for us to fill our tummies. Does anything sound better than the thought of sizzling hot tortillas? No? Then see you at Bio & Natural!

Getting Married on Cozumel

Getting Married on Cozumel

Looking forward to a destination wedding with the man/woman of your dreams? Head no further and resort to the Island of Cozumel. The wedding packages in Cozumel are a vast range that you can get customized and can choose the place and the way you want it conducted. Imagine, a destination wedding and that too, in a way that you have always imagine your big day to be like!

While some official requirements are necessary to fulfill, the entire procedure is as easy as anything. Get your original passports, birth certificates, tourist immigration document and a medical certificate issued 20 days before the wedding, and you’re ready to get married. Voila!

If you’re someone who enjoys the ocean and loves cruise trips, you should definitely get married on a cruise. Cozumel offers an exclusive champagne catamaran sail and snorkel that is highly economical and will leave your guests awe-inspired. Take your vows in the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean and feel your big day to be truly big! With an open bar and a freshly prepared Mexican cuisine on the cruise ride, your guests will go all Ga-Ga over your ultimate destination wedding.

Being a land of wholesome goodness, Cozumel offers further options too for your wedding day. Can you envisage your wedding day besides the Mexican Caribbean beaches? Touch-up in an especially air-conditioned, rustic room with full mirrors and some intricately designed Mexican furniture. Walk down a beautiful tropical isle for your big day. Ah, we’d kill for a daytime wedding beside the beach. What are you waiting for? P.s for all those worried about getting their dresses and shoes destroyed in the sandy beach, we’ve got you covered with a grass replacement as well. Hurray! Now you know where you’ll find us on our wedding days, at least.

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