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Cozumel Carnival 2022

Cozumel Carnival 2022

The new dates for the Cozumel Carnival 2022 have been announced:

April 23 Presentation of candidates, farewell kings 2020
April 30 Presentation of candidates in individual costume
May 6 Ladies show
May 7 Voting night, kings of carnival 2022
May 13 Voting night, kings of diversity
May 14 Youth kings election.
May 15 Popular presentation for children and youth kings.
May 18 Coronation of kings
May 19 Children’s category comparsas contest
May 20 Costume contest, maternal, kindergarten, children, and pets
May 20 Youth and free comparsas contest, Presentation of emperors
May 21 First Carnival Parade
May 21 Fantasy night and masks. Costume contest.
May 22 Second Carnival Parade
May 22 Tropical night. Show Presentation of the queen of nobodies.
May 23, Ceviche festival
May 23. Paint & Run 5k race
May 23 Artistic presentation in Benito Juárez Park.
May 24 Third and last carnival Parade. Closing concert.
May 25 Burning of Juan Carnival.

Cozumel Carnival 2022

Whether you’re daydreaming of joining the Cozumel Carnival 2022 festivities or simply want to better understand this iconic holiday, read on for an extensive explainer that includes everything you need to know about Carnival, including how best to enjoy it in Cozumel.

When is Cozumel’s Carnival in 2022?

This year, Carnival day falls on March 1, 2022. Carnival festivities in Cozumel are scheduled to take place from Wednesday, February 23th through Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Parades start the weekend before Carnival, which is February 25–28, 2022. 

The Cozumeleno people determine their king and queen in fierce dance and talent competitions before choosing who will represent them in Carnival. Among other activities, they encourage individuals to take part in the body of dance that will establish the group of artists who will perform in the most original float. 

Where are the best Airbnbs to stay during Carnival?

Location is everything if you’re visiting Cozumel during Carnival because parking is difficult, and you’ll want to walk if you’re planning to consume alcohol. To remain close to the parades stay in the charming el Centro. This neighborhood is filled with boutique shops, top-notch restaurants, and the downtown festivities are just five minutes away.

Even if you don’t plan to visit Cozumel for Carnival in 2022, it’s a popular time to visit and never too early to start thinking about (or booking) a 2022 trip—in normal years, Airbnb’s sell out fast


The performers will drive you to dance with their marvelous moves and contagious dances. Multicolored costumes, ornate plumes, shimmering jeweled costumes, and that burning rhythm will roar through each intersection of The Isle of the Swallows.

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