The best seafood restaurant on Cozumel

Cozumelanos expect the best from their island’s restaurants: the best pan, the best tacos, the best breakfast. The island’s seafood is no different, and locals will travel to substantial lengths searching for the best seafood restaurant on Cozumel. Hungry pescavores don’t have to go too far to stumble upon a seafood gem on Cozumel- regardless of where you find yourself when the hunger strikes, there’s an excellent chance fresh fish is nearby.

The best seafood restaurants on Cozumel have a few things in common:

1. They serve the freshest fish and seafood in town, and they do so at affordable prices.

2. The best seafood restaurants on Cozumel serve seafood dishes that are unique to the region.

3. They also don’t skimp on the quality of their food.

4. The best seafood restaurants on Cozumel are not just limited to seafood- they also offer a wide variety of dishes.

5. They also have a unique vibe that is hard to find anywhere else, and the staff is always eager to help you find what you’re looking for.

La Conchita del Caribe

When you’re looking to impress (or when you’ve got your hands on the company card), there’s none better than La Conchita del Caribe and their renowned seafood. The best we’ve had since visiting Cozumel for the past 20 years, in fact. The accolades reflect La Conchita del Caribe’s attention-to-detail and obsession with quality – two factors that shine through on every plate. With a varying list of goodies depending on what’s fresh, things rotate in. You can expect house classics like the Pescado Frito every night of the week. Though you’re surrounded by other patrons, the atmosphere feels somehow cozy, warm fuzzies that are only amplified when the food arrives from the open kitchen. 

Once seated, order anything off the seafood menu. If you’re having a hard time choosing, allow us to recommend a few favorites: the ceviche, a piquant seafood cocktail, and the grilled fish selections. Try the local angler’s favorite Dorado (mahi-mahi). It arrives at your table grilled to perfection, white and flaky. One thing that we always have in Cozumel is fresh fish and plenty of fishermen who work hard to bring you these delicacies daily. They also serve the freshest ceviche, delicious garlic shrimp, soft drinks, cold Cerveza and more. This is traditional, authentic Mexican seafood at its best, and the price can’t be beaten. The best way to enjoy the amazing seafood of Cozumel is to prepare it as fresh as possible, and this to me is the Spanish way. La Conchita del Caribe takes the best ingredients from the area, like the famous pulpo, and serves them in the most simple and delicious way. It’s the food, “the truest measure of a restaurant’s capacity for staying afloat” that makes this place Cozumel’s fashionable choice for fish and seafood.

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