Best Live Music Bar on Cozumel

Live Music on the Beach

Double the fun and lessen any troubles with Cozumel’s best live music bar- The Money Bar Beach Club! With assorted American and Mexican cuisines and absolutely divine flavors, Money Bar Beach Club is a travel-game-changer. Worry not for the bar has currencies from all over the world. So, buy and indulge as you will. Whether you’re on a roll or are looking forward to managing that tight budget, Money Bar Beach Club has gotten your back. Centered on the renowned Dzul-Ha Reef, this bar is a sight to behold.

Dining at the Money Bar

Guess what? The new dining area and the premium bar along with the kid’s menu and wheelchair access to the people coming therein is the best offer one can get. P.s who doesn’t love a place for free parking? Perhaps, if free parking is like gold to glitter for you, rush to The Money Bar Beach Club!

Fancy this, you take your significant other to date at the Money Bar Beach Club and get to sit outdoors, indulge in some snorkeling (they have plenty of some of the best fish available) and then get to see a live sunset! Woah! We’re packing our bags for we know where to go for our anniversary date!

Home to some of the best musicians in town, this Beach Bar extends the courtesy of some beat-picking, truly enjoyable live music. Weekends with your friends to jam along with the music band and to knock down some lip-smacking margaritas are now made so much better with The Money Bar Beach Club. Believe us or not, this beach club is the word of the mouth of every local and tourist alike. For a courteous staff, finger licking good food items, live music, and entertainment and cozy ambiance are troublesome to find, and that too, all under one roof!

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