Pharmacies on Cozumel

Exploring Cozumel Pharmacies: Everything You Need to Know

In the heart of Cozumel, bustling Cozumel pharmacies like the renowned Cozumel Drugstore and Dori Farmacia offer a treasure trove of healthcare essentials, from top-tier medicines suitable for cruise ship travelers to wellness items at competitive prices. With locations accessible by foot or taxi, these pharmacies in Cozumel Mexico, including the distinguished Farmacias Guadalajara and Pharmacies Similares, ensure you’re never too far from quality healthcare solutions, even when you’re on the go.

As you explore the vibrant streets of downtown Cozumel, you can meet your health and wellness needs by finding a pharmacy in Cozumel Port, whether you’re seeking the best pharmacy in Cozumel for travel essentials or a discount drugstore to stock up on toiletries and medications at lower prices than on a cruise ship.

Apart from the mesmerizing beaches and breathtaking views, Cozumel has one more thing to offer its visitors–the best pharmacies in town. Whether it’s a minor headache or a more severe health issue, the pharmacies in Cozumel can provide you with medicines for instant relief. With many medicines available, your time in Cozumel will not let you suffer alone. So, have faith and stop by a pharmacy when you need medical help while on vacation. Don’t let health issues ruin your time in this paradise because Cozumel has covered you. With its top-notch pharmacies, get the best treatment and enjoy every bit of your vacation.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Cozumel Drugstore

Nestled in Downtown Cozumel, the Cozumel drugstore stands as a beacon of reliability on the bustling main avenue, Rafael Melgar, making it a must-visit destination for locals and tourists seeking quality and convenience. Operating from Monday till Saturday and open from nine in the morning to five in the evening, you will never have a problem shopping here. With over 15 years of service, a bilingual staff, and its proximity to major piers, it epitomizes the essence of accessible healthcare and shopping experience in the heart of Cozumel.

Known for its position as a discount drugstore coupled with a unique selection of souvenirs, this establishment invites you into a world where efficacy meets leisure, operating Monday to Saturday for your needs. Whether you’re a visitor docking from a cruise or a resident, the Cozumel Drugstore blends the luxury of a tailored shopping journey with the assurance of experienced care, making every visit a discovery of value and service.

Why Cozumel Drugstore Stands Out?

In the heart of Cozumel lies a gem that goes beyond the traditional pharmacy experience. Here’s why:

  • Personalized Service: With over 15 years of experience, the bilingual staff at Cozumel Drugstore offers customized service, ensuring your needs are met with expertise and care. Whether you’re seeking advice on medications or looking for specific healthcare products, their team is ready to assist you with a smile.

Convenience and Accessibility:

    • Location: The drugstore is easily accessible and perfectly situated in Downtown Cozumel on Rafael Melgar Avenue. It is a short taxi ride from major piers like Puerto Maya and The International Pier.

    • Delivery Services: For those who prefer the comfort of their accommodation, Cozumel Drugstore’s delivery services bring healthcare to your doorstep, showcasing their commitment to convenience.

Comprehensive Care:

    • Pharmacy Services: Offering a wide array of pharmacy services from medication consultations to flu shots and health screenings, the drugstore ensures your health needs are comprehensively covered.

    • Safety Measures: Adhering to stringent safety measures, including regular sanitation and proper medication storage, Cozumel Drugstore prioritizes your well-being above everything else.

This unique blend of personalized service, strategic location, and a full spectrum of pharmacy services sets Cozumel Drugstore apart, making it a beacon of healthcare and convenience on the bustling island of Cozumel.

Top Products and Exclusive Offers

Diving into the treasure trove of Cozumel Drugstore, you’ll find an array of top products and exclusive offers that cater to every need and desire. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

Top Products:

  • Amoxicillin 500mg: 60 caps at $19, 90 caps at $22

  • ZPACK 500mg: 6 tabs for $25, or buy 2 get 1 free, totaling 3 for $50

  • Generic Viagra (sildenafil): 50 mg, 10 tabs at $40; 100 mg, 10 tabs at $70

  • Allergan Latisse 3 ml: $49 or generic (Bimaprost) 3 ml at $35

  • Tramadol 50 mg: 50 caps at $20, 100 caps at $35

Exclusive Offers:

  • Generic Retin A .05% (Tretinoin) 20-gram tube: $10, or buy 2 get 1 free

  • Tamiflu 75MG with 10 caps: Available for $32

  • Ventolin (Albuterol) 3 pack: 200 doses each for $30

  • Buy Latisse for $49: Get a free 20-gram tube of Generic Retin A .05%

These selections highlight the Cozumel Drugstore’s commitment to providing quality healthcare products at unbeatable prices. Whether stocking up on essentials or exploring new health and beauty aids, their range of products and promotions ensures exceptional value every time you shop.

Customer Testimonials and Satisfaction

Diving into the heart of customer satisfaction, the Cozumel Drugstore shines through with glowing testimonials that underscore its commitment to excellence. Customers, some loyal for over 8 years, rave about the exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and the modern, pristine ambiance of the store. Here’s a closer look at what makes the pharmacy a preferred choice:

Customer Appreciation:

    • Excellent customer service is consistently highlighted, with staff members praised for their friendliness and helpfulness.

    • Competitive prices, especially when compared to the US, make it a go-to for prescription meds.

Pharmacy Excellence Across Cozumel:

    • Pharmacia del Sur and Farmacia Yza are celebrated for their wide product range and knowledgeable staff.

    • Farmacia San Francisco and Farmacia Playa Caracol receive praise for their cleanliness, modernity, and extensive selection of health supplements.

    • Farmacia Cozumel’s downtown location and product variety earn high marks for convenience and selection.

A Word of Caution:

    • An incident involving a purchase attempt of a controlled substance (Percocet) highlights the importance of vigilance. The pill, sold for $20, did not match the appearance of genuine Percocet, underscoring the critical need for buyer awareness and safety.

This blend of positive feedback and cautionary advice paints a comprehensive picture of the pharmacy landscape in Cozumel, guiding potential customers toward informed decisions and satisfying experiences.

Dori Farmacia: A Go-To for Quality Medicines

Dori Farmacia on Calle Dr Adolfo Rosado Salas #333 in Centro emerges as a beacon of healthcare excellence, offering an impressive array of quality medicines. Operating from Monday to Saturday, from 9 AM to 5 PM, and extending its services to Sunday with hours from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, this Cozumel pharmacy ensures accessibility is never an issue.

Price Comparison and Discounts:

  • Amoxicillin 500mg: $0.65/pill at Dori vs. $1.25 average elsewhere.

  • Ibuprofen 600mg: $0.40/pill at Dori vs. $0.70 average elsewhere.

  • Special Offer: 10% discount for senior citizens.

Quality and Service:

  • Medicines sourced from reputable manufacturers.

  • A wide variety of both brand-name and generic medications.

  • Knowledgeable staff providing expert advice on medication usage and potential side effects.

  • Convenient delivery service for home medication delivery.

Dori Farmacia stands out not only for its competitive pricing but also for its commitment to quality and customer well-being. Dori Farmacia is the ultimate destination for all your pharmaceutical needs, whether it’s medication for a cruise or finding pain relief solutions.

Pharmacies Similares in Mexico: The Same, But Cheaper

8 Locations in Cozumel

  1. Calle Doctor Adolfo Rosado Salas y 25 Av
  2. Calle 1 Sur #293 Centro
  3. Av. Lic. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell #601
  4. Av. Lic. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell #959
  5. 35 Avenida Sur y Adolfo López Mateos
  6. Calle 10 Nte y Av. 65
  7. 65 Avenida Sur, Maravilla
  8. Trans. de Cozumel 1020, Juan Bautista de La Vega

Pharmacies Similares is a chain of pharmacies in Mexico that has gained popularity for offering affordable medications and healthcare services to the public. The name “Similares” translates to “similars” in English and refers to generics, which are medications that are similar in quality, efficacy, and safety to their brand-name counterparts but are significantly cheaper.

Pharmacies Similares’ marketing campaign also includes their mascot, Dr. Simi. Dr. Simi dances on the sidewalks in front of the stores to promote Pharmacies Similares. His goofy and friendly demeanor has made him a beloved figure among customers, and his presence adds to the chain’s fun and approachable image.

Here’s a closer look at what makes this chain a go-to for savvy healthcare shoppers:

  • Affordable Consultations and Medications: For just 35 pesos, you can consult with a healthcare professional and access an array of generic medications, including popular options like Tramadol and Flexural, available without a prescription in Mexico. This approach not only ensures that healthcare is accessible but also that it remains affordable for those on a tight budget.

  • A Commitment to Quality and Accessibility: “Similares” speaks to the pharmacy’s dedication to providing high-quality, safe, and effective generic alternatives to brand-name medications. Their commitment is mirrored in their customer service, with in-house pharmacists ready to offer expert advice on medication usage, potential side effects, and interactions. The acceptance of various forms of payment, including cash and major credit cards, underscores their mission to make healthcare accessible to a broader audience.

  • Savings and Services: With cost savings of up to 75% compared to other pharmacies, Pharmacies Similares is a haven for those looking to manage their healthcare expenses. The chain’s expansive network ensures consistent quality and affordability across all locations, making it easier for residents and visitors to access the care they need without compromising quality or breaking the bank.

The chain has continued to expand since it was founded in 1997, with over 2,000 stores throughout Mexico. In addition to medications and doctor visits, Pharmacies Similares offers a range of other healthcare services, including laboratory tests, vaccinations, and home medical equipment.

Pharmacies Similares has become an essential player in the Mexican healthcare market, providing affordable and accessible healthcare products and services to millions of people. Their commitment to cost savings, low-cost doctor visits, and friendly marketing campaigns have made them popular with those who value affordability and quality healthcare.

The newest pharmacy in Cozumel - Farmacia Guadalajara

Discovering Pharmacy Guadalajara’s Diverse Offerings

If you’re seeking a convenient, reliable, and affordable place to shop during your vacation in Cozumel, then look no further than Farmacias Guadalajara. On the corner of calle Adolfo Rosado Salas and 20th Av sur, Farmacias Guadalajara offers a diversity of products and services, making it a great place to pick up items you need during your stay.

Venturing into the realm of Pharmacy Guadalajara Cozumel, you’re greeted by an array of healthcare solutions that mirror the convenience and diversity of services akin to Walgreens and CVS in the United States. This pharmacy stands out not only for its wide selection of medications, including essential drugs like Cialis Tadalafil and Amoxil Amoxicillin, but also for its holistic approach to health and wellness, offering everything from medical supplies to beauty products.

Key Offerings:

  • Medications & Supplements: From Viagra Sildenafil to Zithromax Azithromycin, the pharmacy boasts a comprehensive range of medicines for various conditions, ensuring you have access to the treatment you need.

  • Health & Beauty: Dive into an extensive collection of wellness items and beauty products, perfect for maintaining your health and enhancing your beauty regimen.

  • Convenience Services: With features like free pickup and delivery, an online ordering system, and a rewards program, Pharmacy Guadalajara Cozumel elevates your pharmacy experience to new heights.

Why Choose Pharmacy Guadalajara Cozumel?

  • Affordable Prices: Enjoy up to 15% discounts on products, making your healthcare purchases more budget-friendly.

  • Quality Assurance: With high-quality products sourced from trusted manufacturers like FIRSTACPMEX.

  • Extended Hours: Open late and on Sundays, the pharmacy caters to your urgent healthcare needs without the wait.

In summary, Pharmacy Guadalajara Cozumel offers a seamless and enriched shopping experience, blending quality, affordability, and convenience into one dynamic location. Whether you require specific medications or health and beauty products, this pharmacy is a treasure trove of healthcare solutions.


Navigating the diverse landscape of Cozumel’s pharmacies, from the bustling Cozumel Drugstore and beyond, reveals a complex yet fascinating world of healthcare. 

These insights serve not just as a guide for navigating Cozumel’s pharmacy options but as a testament to the growing landscape of healthcare retail in touristic hubs. The pharmacies in Cozumel provide more than just medical supplies; they offer a holistic approach to health and wellness that enhances the travel experience. Therefore, they serve as crucial pillars in the community, meeting health and wellness needs in vibrant tourist destinations.

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What medications can you buy in Cozumel Mexico?

You can purchase all prescription medication at pharmacies in Cozumel.

Is it possible to purchase Amoxicillin without a prescription in Cozumel?

Yes, you can acquire Amoxicillin in Cozumel without needing a prescription. It is readily available, and tourists have brought it back without any issues.

Can I find a pharmacy in Cozumel?

Yes, there are many pharmacies on the island of Cozumel which is easy to find. You can either take a taxi or simply walk to the drugstore. Additionally, for convenience, the Cozumel drugstore offers the option to make purchases online.

How can I get a prescription while in Cozumel?

To gain a prescription in Cozumel, you should visit a licensed Mexican doctor.

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