The Best Ice Cream Place on Cozumel

We Scream for Ice-Cream

Feel the ice-cream cut down on the summer blues and register a sense of cool and relaxation inside. Cozumel has yummy ice-creams to offer. And if like us, dessert goes to your heart and not stomach, trust us, you will have an amazing time devouring the ice-creams in Cozumel.

Nieves Quetzal

Nieves Quetzal in Cozumel is an ice-cream lover’s paradise. With sorbets and cold frozen ice-creams of distinct flavors, you will forget all summer blues in Cozumel. And not just that, but you would want to come back for this one.

La Flor de Michoacan

La Flor de Michoacán is another one of Cozumel’s top-quality ice-cream spots. And good news for people of all tastes. While its ice-creams are the best, it also serves some delicious frozen yogurt, shakes, and juices. So, if one of your family members is not in for ice-creams you still can visit this place and make the best out of your time in Cozumel. La Flor de Michoacán’s best-selling and most awesomely flavored ice-cream is the coconut one. Feel the tinge of coconut and cream on your tongue and tantalize your taste buds. With almost thirty distinct flavors of ice-creams and popsicles available, we are sure, you won’t have any trouble finding the one for yourself. From dragon fruit to cookie flavored ice-cream, to a spicy Mexican flavored Popsicle, you have got it all!

Mr. Chelato

Oh, and Mr. Chelato is truly not one to miss either. The one spot that will provide you with richly flavored ice-creams and affordable rates is none but Mr. Chelato. Yes, you heard us right! Vacationing and food memoirs are not going to rip you off. Sit back and relax in this ice-cream bar and ease yourself through the everyday struggles of a trip. We promise you; you’ll love every part of it!

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