Check Out is 11am at your Cozumel Airbnb

Have you ever considered what to do when check-out is at 11 a.m. at your Cozumel Airbnb?

This morning, you’re diving into the most amazing breakfast you’ve ever had at Cozumel’s most recommended restaurant. You’ve just finished a few coffees, and you feel you could eat and drink the ocean. But when you look at the clock, you realize it’s almost time to go. You glance at the Airbnb listing, hoping to find a note that check-out is at some other time, but no such luck.

If you’re staying at an Airbnb in Cozumel, you might not have thought about the checkout process. You just figured you could pick your checkout time just before your flight. However, most Airbnbs in Cozumel have a checkout time of 11 am. This causes many of you to struggle when your Airbnb can not accommodate a late check-out because of the need to clean and prepare for the next guests.

There are options for you, though.

luggage storage in Cozumel
  1. You can check your bags early at the airport and then head across the street to Diego’s Tacos. While this is a local place, tourists using the airport come here. I recommend eating here if you have a departing flight just to kill time. Out of all the fish tacos on the island, these are the best.

  2. Your second option is to use the new lounge at the airport by the gates. It provides complimentary snacks, drinks, comfy chairs, WiFi, and television for the low price of $35 USD for two people. It is a Priority Pass Lounge and is a very nice option. The Chase Sapphire Reserve card gives priority pass membership with a guest pass included.

  3. You can also book your Airbnb or Condo for an extra day if you have a late flight. This costs a bit more, but you will enjoy having the extra time to relax.

Load up your rental car on your last day in Cozumel

4. You can rent a car on-site at the airport for your departure day. Pack the night before, then get up early and load the car. This allows you to enjoy a full day around the island, and you can drop off the car as you arrive at the airport.


There’s a fantastic new luggage storage service in Cozumel that you’ll love—Island Lockers Cozumel!
They’ve teamed up with local Airbnbs to manage your luggage between their storage hosts, all conveniently located downtown.
They’re open from 8 am to 11 pm, ready to make your trip hassle-free.
Island Lockers Cozumel offers two services: self drop-off and VIP. With the VIP service, they’ll pick up your luggage from your location and drop it off at your desired time and place. It’s super convenient and costs just 500 MXN per bag.
If you prefer the self-service option, you can drop off your luggage at one of their selected storage hosts for only 150 MXN per bag. And don’t worry about those little extras; a carry-on and small backpack count as one bag!
Remember to contact Island Lockers the day before to arrange your drop-off. You’ll head to Villas Velarde at 5a Avenida Sur #265. Need to reach them? Call (987) 564-8096. Don’t forget to fill out the form on their website the day before at Island Lockers Cozumel.
Travel light and enjoy your stay in Cozumel with peace of mind!

We hope this information helps you with your travels – Stingray Villa.

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