The Top 5 Jeep Rentals on Cozumel

Here are the top 5 Jeep Rentals on Cozumel.

1.      Ernesto’s Rental: Carretera costera sur km4 Zone hotelera sur. (Right Across Park Royal hotel)

2.      HTL Rental: 5 Avenida entre calle 2 y Calle 4 , Centro

3.      SharkRider Rental: 5a Av. Norte 41, Centro

4.      Fiesta Car Rental: Calle 11 sur 598 entre 25 av. y 30 av.

5.      Darth Car Rentals CZM:

Where can I rent a Jeep?

You’ll also find great options at Less Pay, Rent a Jeep Cozumel, and HTL Rent a Car. These companies provide convenient and affordable rentals, perfect for exploring the island in style!

There are many ways to travel to Cozumel, whether on a cruise or exploring the beautiful island for a few days. There is no crowd, and the freedom of driving your car will make your stay one to remember.

The island is relatively small, so transport options aren’t great and can be expensive. Make the most of your vacation by avoiding the high-priced tours and making your day trips. Follow these simple tips when renting a jeep in Cozumel.

bicycles on cozumel

Things to be aware of while renting Jeeps

You need to understand that even in a Jeep, leaving the paved road surfaces will void all of your insurance coverage. To take an off-road trip, you need to be on a tour. Jeep, ATV, and buggy tours are available if that is what you are looking for.

In 2020, Cozumel introduced a dedicated, two-way bicycle lane along the main coastal road. The primary avenue running through the downtown area is Melgar, which starts from the southern end of downtown and goes to the south hotel district, passing the International and Puerta Maya ports.

These bike lanes are for bicycles only. Motorized vehicles (including scooters) are not allowed in them. You also may not pass cars on the bike lanes.

We have this bike lane only on this stretch of the island, but it is very busy. If you find yourself slowing down behind some vehicles in that lane, wait it out and avoid being tempted to pass.

Please pay careful attention to where the cyclists are #1. Many people bike to work, but for those who don’t have to, it’s great to use bikes for recreation and competition in the tropics. Slow down to help everyone–including yourself! You should also look both ways when crossing the street near the bike lanes. Bicycles move fast, and you do not hear them coming.

getting pulled over in Cozumel

What happens if you get pulled over in Cozumel?

First, don’t panic. Stay calm. The police officers are not the bad guys. Even though they may occasionally look for a bribe, they’re still here to help the public.

The best thing you can do when the police officer speaks to you is to let them know if you know Spanish and how much.

The current procedure seems to be that an officer will ask for your driver’s license and then explain what you did wrong.

That was easy. Here’s where it gets tricky: deciding whether what you did warrants a fine. If it does, they will take your driver’s license to the local police station, and you will pay there.

How do you tell whether the police officer is looking for a bribe? Just my feelings, but if the officer holds onto your driver’s license while talking to you and does not write anything on his ticket pad, he wants to talk to you about something off the books.

This is less likely if other officers are around, but it is not unlikely. A bribe is frowned upon, but it happens.

parking on Cozumel

Parking on the Island

Most places you want to stop outside the city have very few parking restrictions, and you can park on the beach if you respect the rules.

Inside the city, there are more rules. Follow all the posted signs and look at the curbs. DO NOT PARK in front of areas without parking signs or where the curbs are painted yellow.   

Written by Stingray Villa – the newest Airbnb in Cozumel Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to rent a jeep in Cozumel?

Renting a Jeep in Cozumel is a great way to explore the island at your own pace. You can expect to pay between $55 and $69 per day, and that price includes tax, liability insurance, and collision insurance. It’s a convenient and fun option for getting around and seeing all the beautiful sights Cozumel has to offer!

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