What Airlines Fly to Cozumel?

Convenient Access to Cozumel: Exploring by Air or Ferry

Discover the ease of reaching the stunning island of Cozumel, thanks to its international airport and excellent accessibility. Whether you travel by air or ferry, Cozumel ensures a seamless journey, making your arrival to this tropical haven effortlessly enjoyable.

Cozumel boasts an international airport, making it easy for travelers worldwide to access this captivating island. Whether you opt for a scenic flight or a convenient connection, many airlines connect to Mexico. These airlines specifically cater to Cozumel because of its popularity as a favored tourist destination. This is true during the vibrant vacation season when visitors flock to Cozumel to soak up its unparalleled beauty.

The biggest airlines flying to Cozumel are:

If you are lucky enough to live in “hub” cities you can catch flights on:

WestJet: Your Trusted Airline for a Safe and Comfortable Journey to Cozumel

WestJet stands as one of the premier airlines serving Cozumel, offering an exceptional travel experience with a strong emphasis on safety and top-notch accommodations. For a comfortable journey with friends or family, WestJet is the ultimate choice. With their outstanding service, impeccable quality of travel, and flexible, accommodating staff, you can trust WestJet to provide an unforgettable travel experience to Cozumel.

Southwest Airlines: Unmatched Comfort and Reliability for Your Cozumel Adventure

Southwest Airlines, another leading airline, captures your heart from the moment you step onboard. Expect a remarkable experience that will entice you to return. With comfortable seating, a cozy ambiance, meticulous hygiene standards, and a focus on passenger comfort, Southwest Airlines ensures a trip worth cherishing. Their attention to detail minimizes issues such as luggage loss, alleviating any concerns and allowing you to enjoy your Cozumel vacation.

Delta Cuts Back

Unfortunately, we announce that Delta Airlines will no longer operate flights from Atlanta to Cozumel starting June 2nd, 2024. This decision comes as a disappointment to numerous travelers who have relied on Delta’s service for convenient access to the stunning island of Cozumel, known for its turquoise waters and vibrant marine life. Stopping flights from Atlanta marks the end of an era for those who have cherished their journeys with Delta to this tropical paradise.

Despite this setback, there remains a glimmer of hope on the horizon. We have high hopes that Delta will restore their Atlanta to Cozumel flights on December 2nd, 2024 when the demand is at its highest. Cozumel’s lively tourist activities and joyful atmosphere emphasize the need to restore this crucial air connection. Delta should recognize the importance of this market and resume operations to meet the travel demand for Cozumel.

For our friends from Minneapolis, don’t worry; We have not left you out! Delta will restart seasonal service to Cozumel on Dec. 16, offering three flights a day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays throughout the winter. Cozumel has got you covered, whether it’s a quick weekend escape or an extended vacation!

The lack of Delta flights from Atlanta to Cozumel will create a gap for travelers seeking easy access to this Caribbean gem. However, we remain optimistic that this hiatus is temporary and that Delta will soon return to serve the needs of passengers longing to explore Cozumel’s breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. In the meantime, we encourage travelers to explore alternative routes and carriers to reach their desired destination, confident that Cozumel’s allure will continue to captivate hearts and minds regardless of the challenges faced along the way.

Accessible Worldwide: Choose the Perfect Airline for Your Cozumel Journey

These exceptional airlines operate across many cities worldwide, increasing the likelihood that they serve your area. Before booking your trip, it’s essential to determine which airlines operate in or near your city. By opting for these reputable airlines, you can confidently rely on their services to make your journey to Cozumel memorable. Don’t just take our word for it—experience it firsthand and see the difference for yourself.


With traveling to Cozumel, selecting the right airline is crucial to ensuring an enjoyable trip. With WestJet and Southwest Airlines, you have two outstanding options that deliver exceptional service, prioritizing passenger satisfaction and safety. From WestJet’s top-notch quality and flexibility to Southwest Airlines’ unmatched comfort and reliability, these airlines guarantee an experience that will exceed your expectations. Leap and embark on your Cozumel adventure with confidence, knowing that these reputable airlines will make your journey remarkable.

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