Tips to Prevent Personal Theft in Cozumel

Stingray Villa’s Tips To Prevent Personal Theft (Petty Theft) in Cozumel

Whether you’re enjoying an intimate getaway on the southern end of Cozumel, partying in Centro, or vacationing on the dreamy beaches on the northern end, you must keep your guard up for personal security! The wealthy, the destitute, the brilliant, the oblivious; Nobody is immune to thieves hunting for their next victim. But fret not! Follow these proposed steps to keep your belongings safe from wandering criminals.

Keep your cell phone in your pocket. It is not as valuable as you think. 

We are living in an age of digital overload. Life forces us to be connected to our phones, and it’s easy to forget that we don’t need to bring them everywhere we go. While having the ability to stay connected can be useful, it can also distract and take away from life’s precious moments. 

When you’re out and about, ask yourself: do I need to bring my phone with me? If the answer is no, leave it in the hotel safe or in your luggage. It is surprising how much more present and engaged you’ll be when you’re not checking your text messages and posts. So many tourists leave their cell phones behind in the cab they just rode in. We constantly hear them wanting to call the cab company, but they do not have the cab number to report the missing phone. 

If you need to bring your phone with you, try to keep it in your pocket and out of sight. You don’t need to be flashing it around for everyone to see.

Always keep a close eye on your belongings. 

It’s important to always remember to keep a close eye on your belongings. Whether you’re going up to the bar, getting a drink, or jumping into a pool, it’s easy to become distracted and forget about where your belongings are. To ensure that your items stay safe, always be aware of where you leave your belongings and keep them in sight at all times. 

When you’re going up to the bar, be sure to keep a close watch on your items. Don’t leave them on the counter or out of view. Keep them close to you and watch them. This way, you’ll know where your items are at all times and can monitor them. 

When you’re getting a drink, make sure you don’t leave your items unattended. Have a friend or family member watch them while you’re getting your drink. This will ensure that your items are safe and sound while you’re enjoying your beverage. 

Finally, when you’re jumping into a pool, be sure to take all of your belongings with you. Don’t just leave them by the side of the pool. There are products called “dry bags” that are perfect for your phones, passports, and wallets.

Don’t leave your belongings unattended! 

When traveling, security should always be a top priority. It’s important to remember that thieves and pickpockets exist everywhere, and they will target unsuspecting travelers. To avoid becoming a victim of theft, it’s important to never leave your belongings unattended. 

This includes your hotel or Airbnb balcony. Be aware of your surroundings when drying your scuba-diving gear. Leaving your gear unattended can make it an easy target for thieves. This petty theft is reported all the time here in Cozumel. Monitor your gear at all times, or store it safely in a locker. 

Finally, don’t leave your backpack on the beach while you swim in the ocean. All your money, phones, passports, and backpacks will be gone when you return. Always bring a waterproof bag to store your belongings while you swim, and never leave them unattended while you are away.


Cozumel is a beautiful place to visit, but like any other city, travelers should be careful and always be aware of their surroundings. Be sure to keep an eye out for thieves and do not leave valuables out of sight. The local people are friendly, so if you follow basic safety precautions, you will have a fantastic time in Cozumel. With its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and incredible food, Cozumel offers something for everyone, making it the perfect destination for a fun and exciting holiday.

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