Immigration Changes in Cozumel

Cozumel’s Immigration Reforms

For many years, Cozumel immigration has set the duration of tourists’ stays up to 180 days. Most people got 180 days recorded on their tourist’ visas, which was enough for a trip or spending winter in Cozumel. However, there is an evolving landscape and 2 considerable factors have evolved.

  1. Tourist visas are no longer issued for 180 days. Some individuals have gotten as little as a week since it is now up to the immigration agent to make this determination.
  2. In Cozumel, we now have immigration checkpoints. This calls for individuals to have their tourist visa or residential identification with them at all times.
Immigration Changes in Cozumel

Covid-19 and Airbnbs

In these times of covid-19, the incursion of foreigners migrating to Cozumel has broadened its levels by 50%. People from all over the world visited Cozumel because of fewer covid-19 regulations and the upswing of luxury Airbnb rentals. This, however, has generated a severe strain on the service systems of the island. If you want to come to Cozumel and spend months on the island, we recommend applying for a residential visa.

What are the benefits of obtaining a residential visa for Cozumel?

  1. Acquiring a visa and tax id for Cozumel can provide you to scale down your tax burden and you can write off liabilities connected to your property.
  2. They will not question you as you arrive in Cozumel and can remain as long as you like.
  3. You can open bank accounts and have vehicles in your name.
  4. Residents receive discounts at local restaurants, transportation, and parks.
  5. If your aim is to gain Mexican Citizenship, having a residential visa is a stepping stone for this process.
  6. You can likewise protect yourself from further reforms to tourist visas in Cozumel.

What type of residency is best for you?

For most individuals, the best is a permanent resident visa, but not all people show the economic numbers that the law requires. We suggest that no matter what residence you get, the most significant element is to start now. How do you get started seeking a residential visa in Cozumel? First, you can search for the legal qualifications on the official Mexican government website. If you meet the requirements, you then set up an appointment at the nearest Mexican consulate in your home country. Consulates are now putting constraints that only residents of their state can apply to their consulate. If you are planning to visit a consulate that is not in your state, be sure to check first to see if you can apply there. Then, once approved, you have a certain amount of time to get to the island and then complete the process at the Cozumel immigration office.

Next, it’s important to know the “green card” process in Mexico. Once you obtain your visa and start working here, you will be given a CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población) is Mexico’s version of Social Security or Social Insurance number. This number will be valid for the rest of your life. An individual with an CURP can open a bank account, get a driver’s license, purchase insurance, and pay taxes. All of these things are significant because they allow you to legally reside and become a part of this society. The Cozumel immigration checkpoints are not the only challenge to having a residential visa. There is another issue: The Mexican government has implemented an e-visa program. What this means is that if you are applying from outside of Mexico, you must upload all of the required documents into your application via an internet connection.

Moreover, if you want to extend your stay in Mexico after the initial 30-days, you must upload additional information regarding your extension request. This new process was put into place in November of 2019 and it has been causing a lot of problems for foreigners trying to enter Mexico. As soon as you obtain your visa, we recommend you keep a low profile and avoid using your SSN unless you absolutely have to. This is especially true if you are going to be uploading any supporting documentation. Finally, it is important that you become familiar with the laws surrounding immigration to Mexico.

UPDATE: Experts in the field have notified us (Cozumel Immigration Consultant & more) that custom agents have put 180 days back on tourist visas. Tourists being dissatisfied caused this change in Mexico.

Written by Stingray Villa

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