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Coconut Shrimp

Our signature dish has an irresistible crunch in every bite. It is super crispy on the outside and succulent shrimp on the inside. We make our savory dipping sauce with tamarind and a hint of chipotle; a mouth watering combination. $15


Chiles Rellenos

Chiles rellenos is a popular dish from the state of Veracruz. Jalapeno chilies are carefully deveined and then boiled in sugar water to remove all spice. They are later stuffed with a savory blend of chicken breast, raisins, plantains, tomato, and fresh herbs.                      $12


Enchiladas Rojas

Nothing says Mexico like a delicious plate of Enchiladas Rojas. This dish uses fresh rolled tortillas, stuffed with chicken breast, and covered with a tomato and chili guajillo sauce.                                 $12


Stuffed Chicken Breast

One of the classics. We marinate this chicken breast with fine herbs and fresh citrus. We then stuff the breast with cream cheese, sauteed, and cover with a corn and spinach cream sauce.            $12


Chicken Fricassee

Our favorite chicken dish. Chicken Fricassee is comforting and delicious. Its ingredients include a very flavorful tomato based sauce enhanced with raisins and plantains. This creates a dish with subtle sweetness.                         $12


Huevos Motulenos

This Yucatecan dish is originally from the town of Motul. Our beloved chef Landa assembles this wonderful breakfast with fried tortillas, black beans, sunny side up eggs, peas, fried plantains, and a tomato-guajillo based sauce.                                                       $7

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Breakfast 8-11:30 am Lunch 1-4 pm

This tasty dish is the most popular breakfast in all of Mexico. Huevos a la Mexicana are scrambled eggs with a mix of onions, tomatoes, and serrano chilis.

Mexican Traditions
Chef Landa travelled across Mexico
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