The Magic of Cozumel’s Carnival 2021

The Magic of Cozumel's Carnival 2021


Cozumel is not merely the island that reigns in scuba diving, but it still bears the honor to celebrate, on its own land, one of the oldest and most famous festivities in the entire state of Quintana Roo: the Carnival of Cozumel.

With its passion for music, dancing, and the wonderful life, its citizens have positioned the Carnival of Cozumel as the 8th most representative of the Mexican Republic, according to what the Council of Tourism Promotion claims. The official carnival activity begins weeks before the carnival officially starts. It is no wonder since the people determine their king and queen in fierce dance and talent competitions before choosing who will represent them until the next carnival. Among other activities, they encourage individuals to take part in the body of dance that will establish the group of artists and to be one of the gifted minds who will perform in the most original float. This year the pre-carnival celebration will take place from January 23 to February 06, 2021. All events are free to the community.


The Carnival of Cozumel itself will be from February 13 to February 16, 2021. The performers will drive you to dance, even against your will, with their marvelous moves and contagious dances. Multicolored costumes, ornate plumes, shimmering jeweled costumes, and that burning rhythm will roar through each intersection of The Isle of the Swallows.

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