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Airbnb Etiquette Tips for Guests

Airbnb Etiquette Tips for Guests

Vacation is a time to unwind and leave your worries at home, but you must remember your Airbnb etiquette tips for guests. At an Airbnb, you have the extra luxury of knowing your hosts and getting a more personalized experience compared to what you’d get at a hotel.

Vacation rental properties differ greatly from large hotels. Often, the hosts do most of the cleaning, maintenance and other duties a hotel concierge doesn’t do themselves. Therefore it pays to have a little courtesy when staying at a vacation rental.

Unfortunately, a recent Florida Panhandle survey on vacation rental etiquette found that more than half of vacationers don’t think you should do tasks like putting the furniture back or cleaning your dishes.

Specific cleanliness requirements vary between hosts, but the number one thing to remember is that vacation rentals are not hotels! Unless you’re specifically asked not to do certain things, then basic personal cleanliness should be assumed. Here are a few tips.


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Let Them Know When You Plan to Arrive

Some hosts like to greet you upon arrival, to walk you through the property and answer questions. Even if you don’t know your exact time of arrival, you can give your host an estimate and keep them updated if anything changes. On top of this, you should also let them know when you’ve left the property. An early departure could help your hosts with their cleanup schedule.

Follow the House Rules

If you’re unsure about what isn’t ok at the property, always refer to their house rules. They may be a few rules they verbally tell you in person or a physical book they keep inside. Get familiar with things like rules for guests, food, and check-out procedures. This can save you and the host a lot of time and confusion.

Tell Your Host Right Away About Issues

Hosts like to do as much as they can to make your stay fun and comfortable. If you’re missing something or aren’t satisfied with something, tell them! They more than likely can accommodate a reasonable request. It’s also courteous to give your host a chance to correct a mistake or improve your experience before you consider leaving a bad review. How can they fix something if you didn’t communicate with them?

Clean Up After Yourself

Cleaning up doesn’t mean washing the sheets before you leave. But, it could mean putting the trash in one place or separating used linens from the bed. Small things like this can make a big difference for hosts. The house rules may also require you to do many things, so it is a good idea you read them.

If you have questions, always ask your host.

Below are just a few more tips for being a courteous vacation rental guest.
tips on how to be a good vacation rental guest

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When you’re a courteous guest who follows the rules, you can also avoid being a horror story. Here are a few extreme cases of unpleasant guests, along with simple ways you can avoid these big mistakes.

tips on how to be a good vacation rental guest

fastest internet on Cozumel

Fastest Internet on Cozumel

Fastest Internet on Cozumel

  • Telmex offers fiber internet at speeds up to 300 Mbps down and 100 Mbps up.
  • Stingray Villa is one of the few Airbnbs that offers this amenity to our guests.
  • Make sure you know your vacation rental/hotel internet speed before booking your Holiday.

We all realize how much the Internet has developed and modernized our lives. On an isolated island like Cozumel, it magnifies its effects. Consider that as few as 25 years ago, the only way to have a conversation with an acquaintance in another country was through snail mail; while they contacted people on other islands via VHF radio or the “coconut telegraph,” provided that confidentiality wasn’t an issue! Shopping meant a trip to Cancun and computer, appliance, and other equipment malfunctions required expensive telephone calls to solve. And without an appropriate library, research for an article or school project was hopeless. These days, the use of e-mail and the world-wide-web has revolutionized business and personal communications, educational opportunities, and even our social lives.

As every Internet user quickly learns, the faster the speed at which data is transmitted, the better. (It’s a sad fact that our brains learn to expect the fastest speed at which an action occurs. That’s why we’re impatient when it takes over 30 seconds to download something that used to take weeks to arrive by mail.)

High-speed Internet service was the answer, offering blazing speeds to satisfy even the most impatient user. Thanks to the foresight of a local company (Telmex), high-speed Internet service in Cozumel is at the forefront of 21st-century technology, now available through fiber connections.

So remember if you need the fastest internet on Cozumel, you can stay at Stingray Villa or install a fiber optic line with Telmex.

head to punta sur from a cozumel airbnb

Airbnb in Cozumel

Some Top Things to do While Staying at an Airbnb in Cozumel

If you are traveling to Cozumel, Mexico’s largest Caribbean Island, you are in for a treat! There are so many incredible things to do on this beautiful island, you will want to book an extended stay if possible. The best way to experience the island in its authentic form is to book your stay at a Cozumel Airbnb so you can feel part of the culture and experience this gem outside of your typical hotel experience.

After you book your Airbnb in the beautiful Caribbean Island, Cozumel, you will want to plan your events and outings. Of course, the island offers stunning beaches for the ultimate relaxation and romantic sunset dinners, but there is so much more to experience than just one beach!

We have put together a list of some of our favorite places to visit and things to do on the island — we hope this helps you plan the perfect getaway!

Cozumel Private Jeep Tour with Snorkeling and Lunch

This is by far one of our favorite ways to explore the island! Not only do you get your own private guide who shows you the island from a jeep, he or she will take you to the most beautiful spots to snorkel! They will also provide you with lunch, margaritas, and tequila tastings!

Punta Sur Ecological Park

Punta Sur Park is one place you will want to visit while staying at your Airbnb in Cozumel! On the south side of the island and spanning 2,500 acres, this park is home to exotic birds, sea turtles and crocodiles. Not only will you see the most beautiful and exotic wildlife, but you will also experience the most stunning beaches and flowers. This is a must see! Note-it costs $16 for adults and $10 for children to enter the park, but it is worth it!

Playa Mia Grand Beach Park 

This is another park that is unique to the island. Not only is the beach stunning, but it is also one of the few parks on the island that does not hold any animals in captivity. Some activities you can take part in while visiting Playa Mia Grand Beach Park include snorkeling, paddle boating, and kayaking. There are also pools with water slides and volleyball courts. This is a place where every member of the family will enjoy! Note-entrance fees start at $30. You can also schedule a tour on a catamaran where you can snorkel and visit Playa Mia Grand Beach Park. They include food and drinks in the tours.

go on a seatrek tour from a cozumel airbnb

Helmet Diving with Seatrek

If you want the ultimate Cozumel underwater experience, consider helmet diving with Seatrek. This is a fully enclosed helmet that sits on your shoulders and provides air so you can safely breathe while walking along the bottom of the ocean and seeing everything around you. This is a unique and super fun experience!

Experience Cozumel on a Catamaran 

This is a beautiful and exciting way to see a lot of the island. You can relax on the boat and enjoy drinks or you can snorkel the island and see sea turtles, stingrays and possibly a shark or two!

If you are looking for the ultimate Cozumel experience, contact us today!

Written by Stingray Villa

How To Celebrate Christmas in Cozumel

How To Celebrate Christmas in Cozumel

So maybe you’re tired of being snow-covered or rainy and wish to celebrate Christmas in Cozumel. Why not head to your nearest airport and head south for some wonderful food, fun, and beach time? All government agencies close and no official business gets done on Cozumel from December 12 to January 6. You still will discover lots of entertaining things happening on the island for you to see and take part in.

Everything gets kicked off with the custom of posadas. While this translates to “inn”, over the yuletide period it relates to a string of processions or parties in which both children and adults take part. Each night from December 16th through to Christmas Eve, various residences are decorated and children pass from door to door singing a song and ask if there’s a figurative “room at the inn”. This recreation of the Christmas tale (which sees Mary and Joseph doing much the same thing) ends on Christmas Eve when they are invited in to enjoy the party. In practice though, a posada most refers to a generic Christmas party experienced in the run-up to the joyous season, with a plethora of food, drink, and pinatas.

On Cozumel, it is Christmas Eve when the festivities are observed rather than December 25th proper. Otherwise, known as Nochebuena, cozumelenos will take part in the final posada celebrations by enjoying an extravagant family dinner and singing karaoke till the sunrise on Christmas Day.

Cozumel children used to expect the distribution of their much yearned for gifts on the Día de Los Reyes (January 6th, otherwise recognized as Epiphany). They would compose a letter to the Reyes Magos, before sending it into the sky attached to a balloon and leaving a shoe on their windowsill in which to receive the presents. January 6th marks a significant date in the Mexican Christmas calendar, as it’s when the sweet bread known as Rosca de Reyes is eaten. Hidden within this decorated oval-fashioned loaf are tiny figurines of baby Jesus. But you don’t want to be the one to discover him in your portion, because custom dictates that the Jesus-finder must buy everyone tamales on February 2nd during Candelaria.

Written by Stingray Villa


Enjoy your Workation in Cozumel Mexico

Workation in Cozumel Mexico

The business world is awash with buzzwords like newsjacking, and the latest addition – workation. A workation is a temporary trip that combines work and vacation. With more than half the world now working-from-homes and the rise of digital nomads who choose to work remotely, workations are on the upswing.

What is a Workation?

A workation is a holiday that allows you to work remotely. The concept is that you take a vacation from the workplace and not work itself. Apart from the COVID situation that has compelled people into working from homes, workations are likewise becoming popular because of technological advancements and devices that aid in an effective remote work atmosphere. Workations straddle an unusual position between holiday, remote work, and furlough.

Why Must You Consider Going On A Workation In Today’s World?

1. Workations allow you to travel for longer than a traditional holiday, and since you’re still employed, you have a consistent salary credited into your account every month.

2. Workations lower your stress level, it is likely to change up your routine, and help stimulate your vision. This can produce marvels for your production and creativity.

3. For those seeking to transition into a digital nomad, a workation is a test of the remote work life.

The right accommodation can make or break your workation

1. The place you stay plays a monumental role in your productivity. You need to book a place suitable for working. Here’s a quick checklist with elements you need for a helpful environment.

2. Great speed internet connection.

3. A desk and chair you can sit and work at.

4. A resourceful neighborhood with a grocery store, coffee shop, restaurants, and such around so you don’t have to travel far for basics.

Stingray Villa Cozumel is the Perfect Place to Have a “Workation”.

Stay in one of our cozy apartments in Cozumel Mexico for couples who want to work in a Scuba Diving Destination.

Your stay includes:

– Fast fiber internet

– Location in Downtown Cozumel

– Indoor and outdoor workstations

– Weekends to play in the Sea

– Fun decisions for a two-tank morning or night dive

We can offer discounts for longer stays, just contact us for more details at Stingray Villa.

Cozumel Real Estate Deals - Extend your Beach Time

Cozumel Real Estate Deals – Extend your Beach Time

If you have ever examined a life overseas, where your hard-earned money goes further, you are not alone. They estimate that up to two million Americans live south of the border. One of the primary considerations for creating a new life in Cozumel is the lower cost of living. Not only are doctor’s appointments, groceries, and taxes much more economical, but acquiring a home on or near the beach is a very achievable dream.

Cozumel’s proximity to its northern neighbors is another leading factor for those considering the purchase of a vacation home or a permanent international move. Direct flights to and from many Canadian and American cities offer snowbirds, retirees, and other sun-seekers an important advantage should they need to return home to take care of business or family matters.

The Cozumel International Airport is situated just forty minutes from Playa del Carmen. In the last five years, real estate prices on the island have risen. Regardless, thousands of international ex-pats continue to flock to this Caribbean island to experience a higher quality of living for less than other metropolitan cities worldwide.

This charming island has much to offer visiting travelers and residents alike. There are galleries, a planetarium, and museums. Hospitals and clinics offer excellent facilities with a myriad of health and dental specialists providing top-notch services and treatments. There are furniture stores, prominent banking institutions, schools, universities, Sam’s Club, Office Max, and many grocery superstores.

You can find almost every convenience from home in Cozumel. The island has remained peaceful and can even be navigated via bicycle. Speaking Spanish enhances life here in Cozumel, but is not a requirement. The Riviera Maya accounts for forty percent of the country’s tourism revenue; so a substantial majority of inhabitants on the island speak English.

The real estate market has gotten hot in the Cozumel this past year and new investors have now started many exciting developments. That being said, with minor due diligence, you can find licensed real estate agents and advisors to work with. Several established companies in Cozumel have the experience and the resources to help you gain your dream home. Our three favorite companies are C.E.O Real Estate, Cedral Caribe REALTORS, and Cozumel Living Real Estate.

Written by Stingray Villa

The Art of Shopping on Cozumel

The Art of Shopping on Cozumel

There is an art to purchasing items on Cozumel. Except for stores like pharmacies and convenience stores, all that is marketed in a store is susceptible to price negotiations.

The trick is knowing whatever you buy can be at several other stores, except some items like jewelry. So what should you do while shopping and you see something expensive you hope to buy? First, tell the store clerk you are going to make the purchase and ask what is the lowest price they will give you. Second, write the price down. This is your starting off point. Now, as you walk around, you can check this price against other vendors’ prices for the same item when you see it.

Once you have identified the cheapest price for the item you wish to buy, first make an offer. Make this offer less than the cheapest price they quoted you and start haggling there. Often you will pay half of the first price quoted to you if you use this system.


Most vendors you encounter are trustworthy. Their style of conducting business may appear to be unconventional, however, you are in Mexico. You may however encounter dishonest people who will attempt to sell you fake goods masquerading as legitimate items. These can be in the form of new items, relics, and artifacts.

An example is limestone carvings. The quality of the carving is unique with every carving. There are wonderful carvings and bad carvings. There are also casts, which are replicas of carvings. They can sell the cheap replicas for the same price as a real carving. The way you tell the difference between a cast and real limestone is that you can mark the limestone with your fingernail. Casts are harder and you cannot mark them.

When buying limestone carvings look for the artist. Some shops will have a carver working in the store. Talk to them and try to negotiate a transaction with them for one of their carvings. If you drive around the island, you may also encounter artisans working in their cabanas at the side of the road. They may have a large carving outside their cabana as a sign.


When buying jewelry or other pieces made of silver, look for the “.925” stamp. This is an alleged measure of the silver content of the article and is the standard.

Be leery of purchasing silver from a wandering salesman, even if a stamp is visible. This is because much of the silver-colored jewelry sold by wandering vendors is made from alpaca, lesser quality metal with heavy copper content.

Also, a vendor will say anything to make a sale. If the item in question is green and you ask if it is green jade then they will most likely say yes it is, even though it is green marble.

Some merchants also try selling fake Black Coral. Polished black jade can even pass for Black Coral if you do not know the difference. Black Coral is an endangered species, and it is illegal to bring it into the US or Canada.

If you do not want to get ripped off, know what you are doing while buying silver, gold, or precious stones. Remember, an established store is always your best bet.


We have purchased items from stall vendors in towns only to be told by friends in the business that they overcharged us, even after haggling down the cost. It is difficult to know what the correct price for something is.

Haggling with vendors is fun and many vendors like to do it. I find it more fun to haggle down an item cost then surprise the vendor with a gracious tip making up the difference. This works great and makes everybody happy.

Written by Stingray Villa


There’s something brewing on Cozumel: artisanal coffee

There is something brewing on Cozumel

Travelers searching for the perfect beverage to start their day no longer have to settle for instant coffee brewed in old-fashioned pots. Stingray Villa has collaborated with organic coffee company (café oro mágico) to perk up caffeinated beverage options in all of our accommodations. Considering the spreading popularity of Starbucks and other craft brews, we have no choice but to offer coffee of equal or higher quality.

“Coffee is too often overlooked, but it is essential to hotel guests,” says Silvia Lupone, owner of Stingray Villa. “Great resorts are taking the time to explore origins and blend options and deliver an outstanding experience. Quality coffee programs have become vacation differentiators.”

“Coffee is the next microbrew beer,” says Silvia. “Similar to microbrews and the interest guests have in those, we are now looking at how we can incorporate local artisan coffee as part of the villa’s experience.”

The importance of coffee is highlighted in a 2015 National Coffee Association USA study, which found that 70% of consumers say coffee wakes them up and gets them going in the morning. About 17% of all coffee drinkers expressed concern about environmental and sustainability issues. Stingray Villa is keeping up with expectations by offering organic coffee locally sourced and produced.

Who says coffee should be consumed only in the morning?

Written by Stingray Villa


The Top 10 Things To Do on Cozumel Mexico

The Top 10 Things To Do on Cozumel Mexico

Here are The Top Ten things to do on Cozumel Mexico.

Cozumel, once a quiet off-the-grid beach town, is now an attractive Mexican Caribbean vacation destination that offers countless activities and experiences for guests. Its acceptance means there are more things to accomplish and see, from free or inexpensive activities to pricey excursions. Here’s our pick of the finest activities around.

Rent bikes for simple transportation

Because of Cozumel’s unique design – the shoreline is the primary attraction and is in the downtown’s scenery. It’s advisable to rent bikes for at least two days while you visit. This will allow you far more flexibility to explore the area without relying on taxis. Plus, with the air swirling through your hair as you cycle around, you’ll forget about the humidity.

Bar hop in downtown Cozumel or on the Eastern “Wild-side”

For night owls and party animals, Cozumel has plenty of options, whether you’re a fan of live music, DJ sets, or Caribbean salsa rhythms. If you head downtown, you’ll have plenty of choices between the clubs that fill up on the weekends and the smaller, more intimate venues that require more exploration. We recommend Woody’s for quirky live music. Head to the Money Bar if partying on the waterfront is more your style. Our favorite tour to the “wild side” of Cozumel is the Cozumel Bar Hop. They dedicate to showing their guests the secluded, breath-taking beaches of the “other side” away from the masses. This tour allows you to experience the unique beauty of the east side of the island where you won’t find resorts, houses, crowds, or even electricity!

Go swimming in the Caribbean

Yes, it sounds straightforward, but it’s one of the very best things to do in Cozumel. When the ocean is calm, it’s crystal clear and you can see right down to the bottom. When the sea is wavy and more active, it’s fun to jump and ride the waves. However, pay attention to the beach flags, which signal water conditions: a black flag means do not swim; a red flag shows dangerous conditions; a yellow flag means use caution while swimming; and a green flag means it is safe to swim. Be aware that most remote beaches do not have flags.

Cool off with a savory treat

There’s nothing like ice cream on a scorching tropical day. La Flor de Michoacán is another one of Cozumel’s top-quality ice-cream spots. And good news for people of all tastes. While its ice-creams are the best, it also serves some delicious frozen yogurt, shakes, and juices. So, if one of your family members is not in for ice creams, you still can visit this place and make the best out of your time in Cozumel. La Flor de Michoacán’s best-selling flavored ice-cream is the coconut one. Feel the tinge of coconut and cream on your tongue and tantalize your taste buds. With almost thirty distinct flavors of ice-creams and popsicles available, we are sure you won’t have any trouble finding the one for yourself. From dragon fruit to cookie flavored ice-cream, to a spicy Mexican flavored Popsicle, you have got it all!

Check out turtles in their natural habitat

If you’re into nature, then this is one of the must-do things to do when visiting Cozumel. Each year from May to October, most of the coastline experiences sea turtle nesting season. After the sun sets each evening, mother turtles make their way onto the beach to lay their eggs before journeying back to the surf.

Shop till you drop

Cozumel is overflowing with shops and boutiques that sell everything from luxury home goods and apparel to Mexican handcrafts and fair-trade items. Many shop owners are people who visited Cozumel, fell in love, stayed, opened a store, and sell unique merchandise that is inspired by the area.

Try Mexican craft beer

Everyone knows that Mexican beer is superb (from well-known Corona to hipster-loved Tecate or higher-end Modelo), but Mexican craft beer, or cerveza artisanal, has become very popular. There are breweries popping up and many restaurants and bars now sell craft beer. The best place in Cozumel to get craft beer is La Internacional Cerveceria. A super cozy and interesting bar for you to enjoy with your significant other. We are sure you will not regret being there even for a minute. With a wide variety of beers from all over Mexico and so many flavors to choose from, trust us, you will even find it difficult to choose your favorite beer.

Take a holiday photo at the Cozumel sign

It seems like every Mexican town that tourists visit has colorful signs for guests to be photographed alongside, and Cozumel is no different. Get creative and lie down in front of the letters, look through them, or sit on top of them. The picture you take here will make the perfect Instagram post or Facebook cover photo. One Cozumel sign is located downtown in the main square. Bring along your patience and some water because there is almost always a line.

Try out the ceviche at La Conchita del Caribe

This has long been one of Cozumel’s favorite food spots because of the ridiculously fresh and flavorsome ceviche and seafood served on the daily. While locals still stop by, this has also become somewhat of a traveler joint, but it’s still worth a visit. If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds, there is a swathe of other top-notch food vendors and restaurants that you can try out in Cozumel in both downtown and on the Eastern “wild-side”.

Go Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is an exhilarating extreme sport. Whether you’re an expert or it’s something you’ve always wanted to try, Cozumel is a great place to kiteboard. If you don’t have your own gear, there are kiteboarding schools that offer rentals and lessons. De Lille Sports in Cozumel is a good option. Kiteboarding all depends on the wind; and remember that though the windiest months are November to May, during this time there may be days with no wind, while there may be very windy days during the non-windy months.

Written by Stingray Villa

8 Things You Should Never Do on Cozumel

8 Things You Should Never Do in Cozumel

Here are the 8 things you should never do in Cozumel

Cozumel is a charming island, renowned for its welcoming, affectionate people. But as with any new place, foreign guests are prone to making the occasional error in the unaccustomed surroundings. To avert such gaffes, look at our list of the things travelers should avoid doing on a holiday on Cozumel.

Don’t drink the water

Steer clear of the tap water at all costs on Cozumel. Drinking from the tap can make you very sick. No restaurants on Cozumel would ever serve customers tap water.

Don’t reach for the hot sauce

They lace Mexican cuisine with spicy flavors that can be excessive for those not used to them. Even if you enjoy spicy food, go slow on Cozumel on your first few days and start adding spice when you learn you can deal with the heat. Stomach problems and diarrhea are common among visitors on Cozumel, so dodge the hot sauce until your system has settled.

Don’t be impatient

Don’t take it personally if individuals are late for appointments. You will hear a variety of excuses, but you soon realize that the fundamental reason for the lateness is cultural. Relax and appreciate your trip, Cozumel time is flexible, and trying to impose foreign standards of punctuality is a futile approach.

Don’t forget to tip

Mexico’s tipping culture is less pronounced than the United States, but it is common courtesy to include at least 15 percent of your bill for the waiter. This rule pertains to restaurants, cafes, and even bars, where you will pay for refreshments when you are billed at the conclusion of the night.

Don’t criticize Mexican food

Mexicans are proud of their food, so bypass the social faux pas of rejecting it. You might not be a fan of greasy tortillas or melted cheese, but even UNESCO added Mexican cuisine to its artistic heritage list in 2010. Each of the country’s diverse regions uses unique elements and cooking styles that define their dishes, so avoid generalizing about a source of national pride.

Don’t miss out on the markets

Markets are the cultural and economic center of activity in many Mexican neighborhoods and is an excellent place to find amazing food, and handicrafts. If your Spanish is up to speed, try your skill at haggling. Let the merchant offer the price, then counter with a lower number.

Don’t flaunt your valuables

There’s nothing improper with taking vacation snaps, but pack your camera away when it is not in service. Opt for simple jewelry vs flashy diamond rings and keep your passport locked away in your vacation rental.

Don’t overlook your walking shoes

You may associate Cozumel with sandy beaches and sandals, but wearing appropriate shoes is a prerequisite in most places. Potholes and broken sidewalks are scattered across Cozumel, so you need to watch your step.

Written by Stingray Villa


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