Visiting Cozumel on a budget

Visiting Cozumel on a budget - stingray villa

With millions of tourists flocking over to witness the sheer beauty of this Caribbean jewel, it’s no wonder that Cozumel is a somewhat tourist trap. But who says you have to break your bank to experience this ultimate trip? Interested in finding out how to visit Cozumel and experience its wholesome splendor on a budget? Keep reading!

Ditch the excursion packages:

Shore excursion packages tend to rip you off; loading a plethora of activities with a very tight time-frame. Plan your own day! Walk past the pier dotted with shore excursion vendors and opt for a cab straight to the beach instead. Avail the free entry at Playa Azul Beach Club and Restaurant situated on the northwest side to the island. Pay only for the drinks and food that you like. Avoid the infamous Rocky Playa San Francisco that is overflowing with tourists.

Hostel Dorms to the rescue:

While luxurious, boutique hotels are certainly opulent, they are often unnecessarily expensive! Why not spend your days in a true backpacker style to match your budget? Cozumel is home to a plethora of quaint dorm hostels, private rooms and Airbnb’s starting from $10-12 a night! Talk about a steal! Try the local delicacies such as scrumptious street tacos for only 30 Pesos/USD 2.5 for three tacos. Wash them down with a cold one, a mouthwatering margarita or a coffee under USD $1.32per cup.

Explore the real Cozumel!

You didn’t come all the way to this island to explore what everyone does, did you?! Head over to San Miguel- the main town instead of the tourist shops out the waterfront. The history buffs amongst you will squeal in delight over the Mayan ruins of San Gervasio. The best part? You can enter the sites for only $5 with free entry for kids under 10.

All this and so much more await you on this glorious slice of paradise for everyone with a budget! Happy travels!

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