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What Inspires People to Travel?

What Inspires People to Travel?

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately about what inspires people to travel. For some, it’s the discovery and an excuse to connect with unique cultures. For many others still, it’s the chance to escape the constant routine and venture into the very exotic. Cozumel Mexico is one of the few places that can offer both opportunities and is a direct trip to perform.

Cozumel and the Riviera Maya are an adventurer’s dream. If you embrace the ocean and cuisine as I do, this area provides a veritable treasure trove of opportunities to fill your belly. One of my favorite side trips is a tour of Tulum, situated in the center of the Mexican Riviera.

One goes in the Tulum compound through a narrow entrance and is confronted with an extensive field, peppered with buildings and temples. A hike through these great relics is an unbelievable opportunity to get a peek into what life was like for the original Mayan inhabitants. The center of the community still is the seaside temple, facing the Caribbean and passing as a beacon, just as it did hundreds of years ago. Tulum is a simple trip from all the Cozumel hotels and is a not to miss day trip.

Besides Tulum, contemporary society is abundant in the restaurants of Playa del Carmen. Seen as a party town and a hotspot for young revelers, Playa has enjoyed the arrival of new inhabitants who have contributed to some original culinary points of view with them.

One of my favorite trendy new restaurants in Playa is Primer Plato, established on 15th Ave between Calle 1 Sur & Av Benito Juarez. They always make the cuisine when they receive an order, and not before. We admire the fact they roll out the semolina dough for the linguine, cut it, and place it right into the boiling pot. This is not a big high cuisine Italian restaurant but a café with outstanding quality. We must inform you the plates at Primer Plato taste better than many restaurants in Italy. Compared with the many Italian restaurants in Playa del Carmen, this restaurant could triple the prices and still be deemed a good value. The taste is marvelous! The proprietors have a solid commitment to freshness and locally sourced foods, as best exemplified in their fresh seafood salads.

I love Cozumel – for the unique scuba diving conditions and amazing culinary experiences not only to coexist but to flourish.

Written by Stingray Villa


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