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Coolest beaches on Cozumel

Coolest beaches on Cozumel - stingray villa

If you’re someone for whom nature is like oxygen (almost as important as living) you must not miss this one! Having some of the finest beaches of the world, Cozumel’s Dzul Ha, 0n the West Coast is a sight for sore eyes. The fantasies of sitting by a riverside with clean water, a book in one hand and Pina Colada in the other can come to reality. Encompassing dreamy greenish-blue water that looks as clear as glass is an offer hard to resist.

Have faith darling, Playa Azul in Cozumel is a total family-sweetheart. Families love it when beaches aren’t overcrowded, and Playa Azul is the best shot you can get if your family is looking for less crowded places too. Often parents find it hard to go back from the beach; children find it hard to let go of the sandy beaches, their castles and the fun ensuing henceforth.

But what are vacations if only children get to enjoy while the real deal is to let yourself loose and live in the moment? With windsurfing equipment being available in San Juan, the dads can let go of all the work toxicity and the moms can truly have a moment to themselves without fretting about the children. And no, you won’t have to pack yourself a backpack full of food. With some yummy-scrummy Cozumel specialties and delicacies available at the local shops near San Juan, this is a complete package. Get yourself and your family a taste of San Juan with the catamaran cruise and snorkeling trip. Nothing sounds better than a cruise trip, does it? And oh, don’t forget to take your wife to a ride on the jet-ski to make this one an extra special moment.

These wonders of sheer beauty and absolute mesmerism will leave your family ecstatic with an experience to behold for years.

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