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Stingray Villa has implemented these new procedures for your safety.

What is going on right now on Cozumel?

Just to get people up to date on the present conditions on Cozumel, we are under a “stay at home” order. This is supposed to be removed later in June. While there has been some controversy between businesses setting dates, the federal government, and the state, we are hoping a date to be formally announced shortly. Most hotels are closed to the public. As for the vast all-inclusive hotels, about 50% have an opening date for later in June and the other 40% or so have an opening date in July. A few are pending, with some having opening dates later in the summer, but we expect they will change these. Most restaurants on the island are closed but as the “stay at home” order is lifted, we foresee them to open, with the volume of tourists visiting.

What are the local restrictions on Cozumel?

Cozumel has roads open with police checkpoints. It is obligatory to bear a mask out in public. We have had a curfew for overnight hours and the beaches are closed. We also have restrictions as to the number of people that can be in a car (1 person). So at the moment, Cozumel is in phase 3 where we have quarantines and are seeking to slow the advance of COVID-19. Cozumel is about one month behind the original cases appearing in the United States. While some states in the U.S. are lifting restrictions now, we hope to have our restrictions removed by sometime June. We say that the island of Cozumel has had a smaller case number of infections and fatalities up to this point. Hospitals on the island are stable at this stage. While this is a developing situation, it turns out that Cozumel has been less affected than some parts of the world.

What are people saying about coming to Cozumel?

Many of you have shown your desire to vacation on Cozumel. Some have moved back travel to the fall, while others have indicated they wanted to stay twice as long this year. Actual arrivals might lag the desire to come as soon as possible. Most people we have communicated to are considering coming the September-December period of 2020. If conditions around the world are stronger by this fall, we could have an extremely busy Fall/Winter season for the island.

When will businesses be open on Cozumel?

We have to recognize that even after constraints are removed, there still is a pandemic in the world.  We wish to see the beaches, restaurants, and hotels filled again. It has been a significant time in the world that has brought travel to an immediate standstill. We look forward to soon when we can all travel again.

10 tips for a Romantic Day on Cozumel

10 tips for a Romantic Day on Cozumel

Couples have been working to discover romance in their relationships since the dawn of time. Here are 10 tips to have a romantic day on Cozumel:

1. Relax and Regenerate: Leave behind the stress of everyday life and surprise your special someone with a calm moonlight couples’ massage on the shore.

2. Music Lovers: There are many restaurants and saloons on Cozumel that feature live music. Cozy up with a drink (and your honey) and groove to their smooth harmonies.

3. A Day in the Sun: Pack a picnic basket and your swimsuit for a tender day on the white sand beaches of Cozumel. Swim in the crystal clear, turquoise blue Caribbean Sea, and then observe the sunset and that delightful afternoon light washes over your loved one’s face.

4. Night Owls: If you prefer moonlight over sunlight, arrange a nighttime beach champagne picnic under the stars, and make an unending night on Cozumel’s wonderful beaches.

5. Adventurous Couple: If you are one of those couples who connect during the adrenaline surge of an immense adventure, Cozumel offers some excellent opportunities for you. Fly over the jungle canopy on a zip line or discover nature’s spectacles on Cozumel’s coral reefs.

6. Cooking from the Heart: If the expression “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is true, then enter their heart by learning to construct some special recipes on Cozumel. If you prefer someone else to cook, enjoy an exquisite meal at one of our restaurants that range from Mexican to international cuisine.

7. Language of Love: Since Spanish is such a passionate language, romance your partner, and declare to them how much you treasure them in Spanish. “Te Amo” = “I love you”.

8. Give a Little: While reconnecting with your special someone on an exotic getaway, consider incorporating a tour from the Cozumel Turtle Salvation Program, a non-profit civil association that grew into a small City-funded program whereby the City relied upon volunteers to do the work but could support the incomes of 2 biologists to administer the sanctuary and the work of the volunteers. For many years, no other funds were available to further develop the program.

9. Connecting with Nature: With its rich green jungles and smooth white sand beaches, the beautiful Cozumel offers you many wonderful ways to reconnect with your partner but likewise with nature. Visit a protected nature park and enjoy a day of snorkeling or scuba diving in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

10. Do Not Disturb: Spend the full day with the “do not disturb” sign on your door at one of our beautiful apartments. Enjoy the company of your partner while relaxing in a pool right outside of your room.

10 Cozumel Traditions for the New Year

10 Cozumel Traditions for the New Year

In Cozumel, Christmas does not conclude on New Year’s Day. We know January 6th as El Dia de Los Reyes (King’s Day). This is when Mexican children receive their Christmas presents. On February 2nd the nativity set and decorations are stored away, and we know the day as El Dia de La Candelaria. This last holiday requires the individual who discovered a miniature baby Jesus in the Rosca bread to bring tamales.

On New Year’s, Cozumel has some delightful customs that concentrate on progressing from the old to the new. Celebrations include not merely traditional cuisines, such as bunuelos (a mild fried dessert) but likewise some cultural practices aimed at receiving blessings in the forthcoming year.

Try these 10 Mexican customs at home to carry on the traditions!

1. Display a rimmed plate with a candle at the center.  Now seek family and friends to collect change in the tray. Once the tray is full add water for good luck.

2. Place candles on a plate surrounded by lentils, beans, rice, corn, flour, and a cinnamon stick. Now burn the candles throughout the night until they fully melt. Peel the waxy food mixture off of the plate and bury it in your yard for abundance.

3. Try eating a tablespoon of cooked lentils, or give a handful of raw lentils to family and friends for good fortune.

4. As the New Year’s Eve midnight countdown begins, you need to consume 12 grapes. Now make a wish for each one which represents the 12 months of the next year. A sweet grape means it will be a pleasant month next year. If you get a sour grape, that is a terrible month.

5. On New Year’s Eve, women who want love and passion in the next year wear red underwear. Yellow underwear represents happiness and prosperity. Green underwear brings the wearer health and well-being. Pink underwear brings the wearer genuine love and friendship. Wear white underwear for hope and peace.

6. Clean the house, take a bath, wash the pets or cars on New Year’s Eve for renewal.

7. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, open the door and sweep out “the old”. Now toss some coins on the ground, and sweep them into the house for prosperity.

8. Another New Year’s tradition is to throw a bucket of water out the window for renewal.

9. Watch fireworks on New Year’s Eve to frighten away evil spirits. This will allow safe passage into the next year.

10. On New Year’s Eve at midnight, take empty suitcases for a walk outside. Go around the block to represent the distance to be traveled next year.

After this year of 2020, where else do you want to be for the New Year? Maybe you’ll ring in the New Year with us.

What Not to Do on Your Next Cozumel Vacation

What Not to Do on Your Next Cozumel Vacation

You will discover an abundance of web articles listing things you should do while visiting Cozumel, but what about the situations you shouldn’t do? Do not fear, we’re here to furnish you with that list.

1) Do not attribute the ice for any stomach issues you encounter. They form all ice with purified water. You should understand that the eight beers and a massive plate of nachos with extra jalapenos that you consumed yesterday may generate your issues. The two shots of tequila didn’t benefit either.

2) Do not squeal “Alto!” at the bus driver when you require him to stop just because that’s what it states on the stop signs. That isn’t how you state “Stop!” in Spanish. Mention to the bus driver what your destination is when you get on. You can even manipulate the bell to show you would prefer to get off at the next stop. It’s a more civilized and this way the residents won’t snicker at you.

3) Do not fall asleep on the beach when you are in the sun. Sometimes it doesn’t appear like it because of the cool ocean breeze, but the sun here is powerful. It is more enjoyable to sleep in the shade. Wake-up, relaxed, and not sunburned.

4) Do not go swimming in the ocean when you are intoxicated. One comment: Deadly. Go swimming in the ocean only when you are sober. One word: Fantastic.

5) Do not be discouraged if someone doesn’t understand when you speak English. You’re in a region where English is not the original language. Have fun and try to use your Spanish. The residents love it when you attempt to communicate, and they do not mind if you make mistakes.

6) Do not pay the original quoted price for souvenirs in the flea market. They always over price. Take part in the art of haggling. Then pretend to wander away when you are close to the price you prefer to pay.

7) Do not purchase drugs. Can’t you wait until you arrive home? Perhaps you shouldn’t be doing them. Stay away from all criminal endeavors. They base the juridical system here on the Napoleonic Code, which is guilty until proven innocent. Need we go any further?

8) Do not get so tipsy where you cannot perceive what’s going on. You shouldn’t do this anywhere, but it is more relevant when you are visiting an unusual place. Drink and be joyous. You can drink, but recognize it’s a marathon, not a dash.

Why you should not be afraid to visit Cozumel

Why you should not be afraid to visit Cozumel

You always hear the same story – don’t go to Mexico, you’ll get shot. People will attempt to sell you drugs on the avenue. It’s not secure, and the entire community is corrupt. It’s like declaring not to shop at the grocery store because one rotten fruit means it taints the entire stock. Mexico has its share of troubles, yes. What you do not know is the state with the lowest murder rate is the state of Yucatán, the Gulf of Mexico state known for its beaches and Mayan ruins. Its murder rate of 2 per 100,000 was comparable to Wyoming and Montana. Next door to the state of Yucatan is the state of Quintana Roo, the state famous for all-inclusive resorts, the island of Cozumel and so much more. It is a state equally safe as Yucatan.

I may have introduced this post on a grim note. I want to tell you about neon-blue oceans, the best-damned guacamole I’ve ever consumed, and the friendliest people I’ve ever encountered. I live in Cozumel, but here’s the big secret, folks: stay away from the troubled regions (near the US border), and you stay away from trouble.

In a place where almost 25% of the population live below the poverty line, places like Cozumel have developed enormous resorts to attract outsiders, and it works. We’re all searching for an escape. We flock to foreign communities and dish out dollars expecting the finest service imaginable. Bartenders whistle while they work, affirming it to be happy-hour 24/7, and they groom Airbnbs’ grounds to perfection. Service is consistently polite, even when the workers don’t rely on tips. Despite Mexico being the most populated Spanish-speaking country in the world, most people in the service industry have become bilingual. That’s right, we go to their community and expect to converse in English.

It would be a dark world if we passed up a moment to find amazing people, seek new food, or test an unfamiliar country because we live in fear. When you get over the concern everyone is out to get you, life gets a lot more entertaining. Trust me. Instead, go snorkeling, get knocked over by ocean waves, witness bikini action, and eat the best ceviche on the planet. You can walk around Cozumel and the only danger you will encounter is zooming scooters.

So yes, the danger is genuine, but it’s worldwide. Get educated about the places to go and the places to avoid, don’t go venturing down any shady alleyways, mind your own business, and be polite. Do your analysis. Being smart will get you a lot further than being afraid.

What Inspires People to Travel?

What Inspires People to Travel?

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately about what inspires people to travel. For some, it’s the discovery and an excuse to connect with unique cultures. For many others still, it’s the chance to escape the constant routine and venture into the very exotic. Cozumel Mexico is one of the few places that can offer both opportunities and is a direct trip to perform.

Cozumel and the Riviera Maya are an adventurer’s dream. If you embrace the ocean and cuisine as I do, this area provides a veritable treasure trove of opportunities to fill your belly. One of my favorite side trips is a tour of Tulum, situated in the center of the Mexican Riviera.

One goes in the Tulum compound through a narrow entrance and is confronted with an extensive field, peppered with buildings and temples. A hike through these great relics is an unbelievable opportunity to get a peek into what life was like for the original Mayan inhabitants. The center of the community still is the seaside temple, facing the Caribbean and passing as a beacon, just as it did hundreds of years ago. Tulum is a simple trip from all the Cozumel hotels and is a not to miss day trip.

Besides Tulum, contemporary society is abundant in the restaurants of Playa del Carmen. Seen as a party town and a hotspot for young revelers, Playa has enjoyed the arrival of new inhabitants who have contributed to some original culinary points of view with them.

One of my favorite trendy new restaurants in Playa is Primer Plato, established on 15th Ave between Calle 1 Sur & Av Benito Juarez. They always make the cuisine when they receive an order, and not before. We admire the fact they roll out the semolina dough for the linguine, cut it, and place it right into the boiling pot. This is not a big high cuisine Italian restaurant but a café with outstanding quality. We must inform you the plates at Primer Plato taste better than many restaurants in Italy. Compared with the many Italian restaurants in Playa del Carmen, this restaurant could triple the prices and still be deemed a good value. The taste is marvelous! The proprietors have a solid commitment to freshness and locally sourced foods, as best exemplified in their fresh seafood salads.

I love Cozumel – for the unique scuba diving conditions and amazing culinary experiences not only to coexist but to flourish.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is a Mexican holiday that honors the achievement of the Mexican army over the French army in one definitive battle in the Mexican state of Puebla. We recognize this battle as “La Batalla de Puebla” or the Battle of Puebla. Although it was not a victory significant in the comprehensive war because of the circumstance that Mexico lost the war. The destruction of 8000 French soldiers by 4000 Mexican soldiers was a significant morale boost to the full population of Mexico. Since the Battle of Puebla, no European military has occupied any country in the Americas.

Cinco de Mayo is a nationwide bank/school holiday in Mexico but is only observed in Puebla and in the United States. Why is it observed in the USA? We regard the holiday as a day to celebrate Mexican heritage, not unlike St. Patrick’s Day is a day to revere everything Irish. However, the original observance of Cinco de Mayo was to have taken place in California in the 1860s when Mexican miners honored the French’s defeat in the Battle of Puebla. The holiday increased momentum in the U.S. between the 1940s and the 1960s. The biggest boost in popularity came in the 1980s when marketers, and beer companies, encouraged it.

We honor Cinco de Mayo today in the cities with the largest communities of inhabitants of Mexican ancestry (Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston) and in many other towns all over the USA. Wikipedia mentions that “As of July 2018, Mexican Americans make up 11.3% of the United States’ population with over 37,000,000 Americans listed as of Mexican lineage,” so it is only reasonable that the U.S. celebrates their rich Mexican culture. Besides, it’s the excuse to attend mariachi bands playing music, dine on tacos and enchiladas, and consume Mexican beer and margaritas! Viva Mexico!

The Top Three Cozumel Recipes

The Top Three Cozumel Recipes

With its magnificent jungles, white-sand beaches, and the surrounding turquoise sea, there’s no doubt of the richness of Cozumel as a top travel destination. But there’s one thing that besides the above suggested is the seal to a special visit: Mexican cuisine. With its combinations of spices, flavors, variations, and coloring, Mexican food remains a true obsession. This delightful cuisine is the fastest-growing ethnic food category in the U.S., second simply to Asian fare. Mexico presented the world to corn, tomato, cocoa, and Chiles. What most individuals recognize as Mexican food outside of Mexico can be broken down into tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas. But there is a broader variety of dishes that are staples in popular Mexican cuisine and a must when you visit Cozumel.


This soup-like Mexican dish appears in many variations depending on the region it comes from, but the primary elements include corn kernels and pork or chicken stewed in a savory broth. We can discover the distinctiveness and of the dish in the corn. This large corn called Cacahuacintle is pre-cooked in a mild blend of water and calcium oxide. Once the pre-cook corn is ready, they are cooked in a bouillon-water solution once again. When the corn mushrooms, they add the meat to the kettle. Here is where the varieties occur. In some parts of the region, they include a red chili sauce along with the meat. Some other recipes include the sauce later once it is on the plate. Once it is served condiments are then placed on the table. These can include lettuce, onion, oregano, lime juice, and chili powder or sauce. They considered corn to be a spiritual plant; therefore Pozole was made on special or religious celebrations. In pre-Columbian times, the recipe comprised dog meat. This dog called Xoloitzcuintle was raised merely as a source of meat. Fortunately, some rituals are withdrawn and now the dish is just made with either pork or chicken.

Cochinita Pibil

They credit the Yucatan Peninsula with being the originators of this next traditional Mexican food. However, critics have insisted that this savory dish originated from the mestizo Maya. Pibil is a process of cooking meat. The word pib in Mayan means buried. The conventional way to cook Cochinita Pibil was to bury the meat in a pit with a fire at the bottom. They marinate the meat in acidic citrus juice, coloring it with annatto seeds. They roll up the meat in banana leaves and it is slow-roasted. This slow cooking time tenderizes the meat. The key to the technique is the use of extracts of Seville or sour oranges which gives the meat its extraordinary color.


With over 10 variations, this popular Mexican dish appears in an array of colors and tastes. Despite the variations in the making, the mole dish is one of the most common Mexican dishes in the country. Its essentials are a chili powder (Chile) and chocolate sauce served over meat. The subtle combination of spice and sweet makes for an extraordinary sensation. The most popular and well-known mole is mole poblano, emerging in the city of Puebla. With an average of 20 elements, it can include dry chili peppers, almonds, chocolate, and spices to taste. This mix of particular flavors makes a sweet sauce with a slight touch of spice. Also very typical and recognized is the mole from the state of Oaxaca, mole negro, or black mole that encompasses over 30 ingredients. There is likewise red mole, yellow mole, and green mole. They roast the elements, prepared into a fine powder and blended with water—resulting in a heavy sauce. The name “mole” comes from the Nahuatl mulli or molli, meaning sauce or mixture. Although the blends have emerged from the original Mesoamerican mulli, one part has persisted: the consistency and the use of chili powder.

With 32 states stretching from the Mexico-U.S. border to the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, the diversity in Mexico’s culinary experience is usually painful to pin-point in a few words. And even still we encourage you to seek these three different Mexican dishes, when visiting Mexico don’t neglect to devour a substantial plate of delicious tacos.

Mexican Haciendas of Cozumel

Mexican Haciendas of Cozumel

Recognized for its beautiful surrounding water, Cozumel is home to several cultural attractions for travelers, such as archaeological sites of ancient Mayan ruins, but another no-less spectacular attraction is the Mexican hacienda. The most admirable Hacienda construction on Cozumel is no other than Casa Mission.

In the 16th century, haciendas were imported to Mexico by Spanish royalty to compensate the conquistadors and other nobility with confiscated land from the Indians. They operated similar to the southern plantations of the United States as a caste structure: the masters were European “hacendados” (proprietors), and the servants were “indigenas” (Indians). Although not helpful for the Indians, the haciendas were successful industries.

Mexican haciendas became a dominant influence in Mexico’s economic and political culture for four centuries. Governed as compact towns each managed by a “hacendado,” an authoritative man with widespread economic and political influence, these self-sustaining societies were agricultural and livestock centers producing vegetables, fruit, and meat for trade.

Each hacienda focused on one product common to the province. In the Yucatan, the dominant agricultural crop was henequen, an agave plant. Sisal, a rope derived from henequen, gained so much in acceptance in the 19th century that production became rewarding. Because of the tremendous profitability from producing this rope, they dubbed henequen “Oro Verde” or “green gold.”

As the haciendas flourished, they became symbols of affluence, developing into refined architectural constructions designed with imported components from across the world. Based on the Spanish colonial style, the Mexican haciendas exhibit simple structures with Spanish decorations. Each hacienda has its own romantic yet rugged charm, constructed with pillars, arches, and vibrant colors.

Casa Mission has amazing gardens that envelop it and all the work that goes into taking care of it will make you fall in love with this place. It is a veritable sanctuary of peace and relaxation within the island of Cozumel. Casa Mission’s international restaurant offers typical Mexican cuisine and unique Seafood. If you visit this destination, we guarantee you will leave enchanted and astonished by the views and food choices.

How to pass Cozumel’s customs quickly

How to pass Cozumel’s customs quickly

You’ve made it to Cozumel. After packing and spending hours on airplanes and automobiles, all you can think about is getting to your ultimate destination. It almost seems harsh to force you to pass through immigration and customs. Well, sadly, someone gets to do it and that someone is you, me, and everybody else on the globe.

Red light or green light means to stop or go. That is what people reveal about when speaking about passing through customs at Cozumel’s airport. With all the conversation about lights and pressing buttons, nobody has made it apparent as to what it is all about. No, the magic button and flashing lights do not have the capability to expose anything illicit in your baggage. Instead, it is Mexico’s ingenious way to randomly select passengers to double ensure that no prohibited products are crossing the border. Every tourist gets to press a button. If the light is green, you are free to continue. If it is red, your bags will be explored.

Putting magical non-discriminating lights and buttons aside, getting through immigration and customs can be a concern. Here are a few tips on how to make it less unpleasant:

1. Most airlines pass out a form for you to fill out for your tourist visa on the airplane. Carry a pen with you and fill it out before touching down. It will preserve you time at the airport.

2. Keep your passport and your paper form together at all moments and make certain they are available. If you are all like me, getting out of the airport as rapidly as possible is the mission.

3. If you are traveling with a companion or a group of individuals, divide the luggage up evenly when progressing through customs. That way if your colleague gets the green light and you don’t; they will inspect only half of your baggage.

4. No food! Dogs roam through the mountain of luggage to detect anything prohibited. Although they may be instructed to find something a little more potent than a sandwich, a sandwich will have odors and it will stop them in their tracks. You will have to take the time to extract it from your baggage.

By observing these essential rules and doing sufficient investigation before leaving, getting through Cozumel’s customs will be a breeze.

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