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Ways to Bond with Animals on Cozumel

Are you an animal lover? Do you want to bond with the exotic wildlife that is unlike another species in this world? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Caribbean hosts several incredible species of amazing animals along with the unforgettable beaches. It is highly likely that during your tours to Cozumel; the tropical chunk of paradise in Mexico, you will encounter abundant wildlife. Here we have some simple tips to bond with the animals during your undoubtedly fabulous Cozumel vacation! So, keep reading and heed this valuable advice before plunging in the stunning turquoise lagoon.

A little research never hurt anyone! Make sure you are well-read about the locations you shortlist and the kind of wildlife you are likely to encounter there during your visit. Don’t just dive into the brilliant blue ocean to click a quick photo with the adorable dolphins and whale sharks unless you have a professional guide with you. Witness the magic of mesmerizing baby sea turtles hatching out their shells as they struggle to waddle towards the sea. Travelers can experience the feeling of volunteerism and kindness by helping these tiny critters waddle safely to the edge of the water. Want to go the extra mile? Why don’t you volunteer for several projects available to help an endangered species?

While one should always be careful when interacting with the wildlife. View the mischievous coati running from one tree to another and witness the 150 plus species of rare birds and animals in the tropics. Scuba diving will allow you to swim amidst stunning sea creatures-try not to hurt them or engage with them unnecessarily though!

A trip to Cozumel is incomplete without a love affair with the animals there; so what are you waiting for?

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How to Travel Safely in Mexico

Wondering if it’s safe to travel to Mexico? Of course, it is! The hub of scenic beauty, pristine beaches, vibrancy, ruins and inspiring culture Mexico remains one of the most oft-visited countries despite being rumored as a death-trap. Tourists are wary of the risks they may encounter, but we beg you to reconsider! Pack your bags but before you leave-here are some tips on how to travel safely in Mexico!

Years of drug-cartels, trafficking, and violence have caused the U.S Department of State to issue a travel advisory to Mexico. But with the evolving times, Mexico has risen as a beautiful phoenix hosting an amalgamation of natural beauty and daily-life. Plan your trip in advance and only visit the safest destinations. We recommend visiting Cozumel, San Miguel de Allende, Mazatlan, and wonderful beach resorts such as Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Avoid areas such as Colima, Sinaloa, and Tamaulipas that have a higher ratio of violence. The charm of distant vacation rentals in tourist areas will always be a great choice, but some people opt for an all-inclusive resort or hotel.  The same goes for cruises. Just pay a one-time fee for food and entertainment which would be considerably safer and more convenient too.

Leave all your blingy belongings and gadgets back home to not attract unnecessary attention. Carry your cash in a money-belt or someplace safe and always keep duplicates of your important documents. Opt for public transports instead of taxis and don’t go wandering off in shady or less-crowded areas. Stick to bottled water and always double-check the food that tempts you; make sure it’s fresh and hot. Party lovers might want to watch how much they drink for you don’t want to be robbed or worst-kidnapped under influence!

Most of all, practice diligence as you enjoy a lifetime experience in this beautiful destination!

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Tips for the Perfect Ceviche on Cozumel

Planning a trip to Mexico without tasting the most amazing ceviche would be a shame! Predominantly a Peruvian wonder, the Mexican Ceviche is in a league of its own. Its time you learned some A-star tips for the best one out there. Trust us, it’s easy and a delight to prepare. Whether you visit the sea-side restaurants, 5-star hotels or a traditional Mexican dining table, prepare to be knocked out by a burst of flavors as you taste their ceviche. Read on to learn the art for the perfect ceviche!

Quality is crucial. The fish is the star ingredient of a good ceviche so choosing the best one is of prime importance. Make sure your fish is fresh; the best Fish for Ceviches in Latin America is lean and white-fleshed such as red snapper, Halibut quality tuna, and flounder. Mince your onion instead of leaving bite-sized chunks to ruin the dish. Same goes for your fish fillet, lightly dice and slice the fish into uniform chunks by flattening it with your palm on cutting-board. Same-sized ingredients make up a good ceviche for they can marinate easily and enjoy fully. Do not over marinate your fish – 30 minutes are all you need for the citrus to be absorbed completely. In addition to a strong acidic hint provided by lime, add some orange or lemon juice for that extra zing by lemon and sweetness by the orange. Don’t be shy with the cilantro! Use it generously to spice up your ceviche by the right flavors. Any good hot sauce such as Tabasco and vinegar and spices will finish this glorious dish.

While following these steps and ingredients will guarantee a stellar dish, have fun with the toppings and spices to create a unique ceviche that will stay embedded into your memoirs and sizzle your taste-buds for days!

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The Ultimate Checklist When Choosing Travel Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re making an impromptu trip to Mexico or a well-planned one: Travel insurance is a must! You may be loaded with cash or on a tight budget, securing a good travel insurance plan that covers all the bases is what you should be looking for. Here’s a checklist to help you make a wise decision!

Health is wealth:

Make sure that your travel insurance covers all your medical emergencies and evaluation expenses. Accidents can happen to anybody and while visiting vibrant Mexico, one must be armed. Been in a Snorkeling experience that went wrong? Worry not! You can receive immediate care and not lose a kidney covering for it. Though research will prove useful here; make your itinerary and ensure that all of your destinations are covered-even if it’s a one-night stay somewhere in between.

Time is money:

Good travel insurance will cover flight delays and cancellations too. Might as well cash in the waiting time, no? Can’t survive without your gadgets and jewels? Make sure that your insurance covers your expensive belongings in case of mishaps. Unforeseen circumstances that cause trip cancellations hurt, don’t they? You can claim lost funds and reimbursements from canceled accommodation, flights and activities if your insurance covers it; that better top your checklist mate! Here are a few valid reasons for cancellations that are accepted:

Your death or that of an immediate family member, or serious illnesses

Civil unrest in your area (strikes, riots)

Legal proceedings and summons

Serious damage to your property

Is your being stranded on an unknown island in Mexico without your belongings your worst nightmare? Claim your losses like a boss! Under baggage delay and loss of personal items insurance companies are liable to pay for damage to your belongings or replace them. Choose your travel insurance package wisely before you step into Mexico for an adrenaline-packed break from life!

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How to Travel with Only a Carry-on

Planning an impromptu trip to Cozumel Mexico soon? Dreading the thought of paying extra for luggage? Here’s an easier solution; travel with a carry-on only! Hear us out; it’s not as baffling as it sounds. Self-proclaimed hoarders and heavy-packers have made the switch and cannot stop raving about the ease. If they can do it, so can you.

A Carry-on is essentially a small backpack or suitcase that can easily fit in the overhead compartment. Most airlines have a decent-sized limit on the weight and size of the carry-on and this can save a lot of hassle and extra costs for you! In fact, frequent travelers, students or even those traveling for business tours keep opting for these convenient carry-on bags for short trips. Here’s how you can travel only with a carry-on without losing your wits!

Choose the perfect bag; it can be a duffel bag, a backpack or a hard shell bag. Opt for one after deciding what you want to take. Strategize your days and outfits; don’t hoard ‘potential pieces’. Planning your days and outfits will make it easier to select only the necessary items for the trip. Opt for non-wrinkle and dry-clean-only items to save time and chores. Pack multi-tasking items such as towels, zip-locks, etc. and make sure to carry travel-sized products instead of deluxe ones (toothpaste, shampoo, face wash etc). Prioritize the must-have items and eliminate the ‘might-need’ items. This will create a confirmed list of items you cannot leave without. Don’t fold your clothes, roll them instead! This technique always saves plenty of space and minimizes wrinkles. Use the free space to fit in shoes, electronics, etc. You do not need to pack heavy to visit Cozumel since there are many people who will wash, dry, and fold your clothes for a few pesos per kilo.

Travelling to a colder region? Coats and jackets take massive space; wear them on during your flight instead! Lastly, follow the one-week rule; only pack enough items for a week and voila! You’re now packed only with a carry-on that is fast, efficient and hassle-free. This will change your life. Try it!

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All things bee and honey on Cozumel

Lovers of the sweet, heavenly honey distinctive to Mexico call the region a bee sanctuary! Mexico is a region oozing with history, heritage, and biodiversity. The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is responsible for the generation of over 1/3rd of the honey Mexico produces. The infamous 3,000-year-old indigenous Melipona bee that was cultivated by the Mayans produces some of the best honey in the world today; effectively making Mexico a honey and bee heaven.

Their history is just as interesting! This stingless honeybee lives in small colonies in huge hollowed-out trees. The difference between the European honey bee introduced to the region in 2011 is the quality and the taste of honey. The Melipona honey has a very distinctive taste; it is floral, with both sweet and sour flavors. The natives of the Yucatan have been preserving the ‘Meliponiculture’ (Mayan Beekeeping tradition) for eons! This delicious condiment was used to sweeten food in earlier times. This unique honey is sold and distributed around the world. It is valued for its healing properties and usage in natural remedies. From face masks to being a great antioxidant, Anti-cancer and its wound-healing activity amongst various other properties make honey one of the finest natural raw ingredients available to mankind. People use honey soaps, shampoos, skin care creams, eye drops to treat cataracts and even as talc! Its wide demand and value leave it at a price tag of around $199.9/ 32 fl.oz. of 100% pure Melipona honey.

Do you fancy taking a stroll amidst these endangered yet fascinating creatures and learning more about them firsthand? Why not visit the Mayan Stingless Bee sanctuaries in Cozumel? Unleash the explorer in you as you step into this interactive sanctuary for a tour of 1 ½ hours. Learn about the Mayan wonder and maybe taste a drop or two of this liquid gold yourself! Salivating already? So, are we!

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Low-cost travel – adventures on the bus.

One of the most sought after holiday and travel destinations around the globe, the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re a lover of glimmering aqua stretching beyond your eyesight or pristine white beaches dotted with towering palm trees or a lover of all things historical and architectural; you will not return home disappointed.

Its popularity and prime location make Yucatan slightly more expensive than vacationing in the rest of Mexico but why break your bank? Travel around this exotic peninsula under budget with low-cost travel buses. Who says you cannot make unforgettable memoirs traveling in public transport? The region has a system of buses to take you around. The main bus company in the peninsula is ADO which offers a discount line called ‘Mayab’ operating under them to talk about cheaper options! Guess what? Public transport does not have to be awful! The ADO has plush, comfortable seats that come with air-conditioning and sometimes even with an in-house entertainment; a personal TV! Passengers can pull up schedules off their websites and plan their routes in advance to avoid the hassle. The Mayab is not a great way to travel but it’s certainly a cheaper option with the not-so-awesome amenities, unlike the ADO.

Traveling between is made easier by vans called the Collectivo that can be shared and are considerably cheaper! These minivans hail as many passengers as they can and are able to faster maneuver along the roads because of their co pact size. Prepare to pay anywhere from $1-$8 (USD) for a collective. With every bus/van passing by a stop every 15 minutes, you will not have to wait hours for getting aboard. Bonus points? This travel option is a great way to make friends and enjoy a good conversation as you breathe in the stunning natural beauty of the region.

So, go ahead and save some bucks via cheap-travel around the Yucatan peninsula and experience the true sense of adventure on their infamous bus rides.

Weather in December includes snow-covered homes

Cozumel weather in December

If you are a traveler, such as myself then you would rather be relaxing on a beach or enjoying beautiful weather than pretty much anything else. During the colder winter months and especially around the holidays is a fantastic time of the year, to plan a getaway. One location that is a must-visit at this time of year is Cozumel Mexico. If you’re looking to spend your Christmas somewhere hot, sunny, and gorgeous then Cozumel is the place for you!  With average temperatures of 75°F and cool breezy nights with a low average of 68°F, Cozumel is the perfect spot for those who wish to enjoy summer in the heart of winter.  December is one of the driest months of the year in this sub-tropical climate. Humidity levels are steady at 70% on average, with the dew point falling between a comfortable 64°F and 70°F.  Rainfall for the month is just 1.4 inches total usually over 5 days of light scattered showers. This works out to just 18% chance of rain on average.

When looking to stay in a Cozumel bed and breakfast, then be sure to check out Stingray Villa. This is luxury at its finest but with a price range that will not break the bank. The location is second to none as it is right in the heart of everything Cozumel has to offer. Restaurants and shopping are all within easy walking distances and the Cozumel nightlife offers excellent options for people of all ages. This downtown villa not only brings you close to the action but also offers fabulous water views from every room. You will love waking up in the king bed with the softest Egyptian linens that can only be found in a top-quality villa such as this. Every detail is thought of at stingray villas where it truly feels like a home away from home. On your next visit to Cozumel, whether it is December or any other time of a year, make sure to stay at this downtown Cozumel hotel.

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13 Tips to prevent you from being pickpocketed

Whether you’re enjoying a cozy getaway in the suburbs, partying in the metropolis or vacationing in the dreamy beaches in Mexico you must always keep your guard up when it comes to personal safety! The rich, the poor, the smart of the oblivious; nobody is immune to pickpockets hunting for their next victim. But fret not! Follow these recommended steps to keep your wallet and belongings safe from wandering thieves.

While it may get difficult for tourists to spot the average pickpocket in huge crowds, here are some tips to help identify thieves by noticing a few determining characteristics that will make them easier to spot and ultimately-dodge. Pickpockets are notorious for working in groups; one to two members will distract you or converse with you with their accomplice will rob you swiftly and walkway smiling nonchalantly. Beware of the child pickpockets as their innocent demeanor will make it hard for you to suspect them, and they use that as a weapon against unsuspecting foreigners! Well-dressed and seemingly normal, pickpockets master the art of blending in with their surroundings to not raise any eyebrows; treat carefully! Avoid taking out your bag/purse and belongings in overly crowded areas such as public transports, malls, tourist attractions, etc. Blown away by a delectable meal at a restaurant? The pickpocket will use your lack of vigilance to steal your wallet and disappear before you swallow the first morsel. Hence, you must excursive extra caution in populated destinations.

Your best bet would be to stay alert and assertive instead of acting like a wide-eyed tourist to intimidate the pickpockets into thinking you’re a local awareness of their tricks. Secure your backpacks and purses around people and do not carry excessive cash in case the pickpocket successfully robs you of your fortune. Always keep a copy of your valuable documents and avoid carrying all your money in one place.

All being said, don’t let these petty thieves keep you from traveling around the world and enjoying each moment of it!

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Visiting Cozumel on a budget

With millions of tourists flocking over to witness the sheer beauty of this Caribbean jewel, it’s no wonder that Cozumel is a somewhat tourist trap. But who says you have to break your bank to experience this ultimate trip? Interested in finding out how to visit Cozumel and experience its wholesome splendor on a budget? Keep reading!

Ditch the excursion packages:

Shore excursion packages tend to rip you off; loading a plethora of activities with a very tight time-frame. Plan your own day! Walk past the pier dotted with shore excursion vendors and opt for a cab straight to the beach instead. Avail the free entry at Playa Azul Beach Club and Restaurant situated on the northwest side to the island. Pay only for the drinks and food that you like. Avoid the infamous Rocky Playa San Francisco that is overflowing with tourists.

Hostel Dorms to the rescue:

While luxurious, boutique hotels are certainly opulent, they are often unnecessarily expensive! Why not spend your days in a true backpacker style to match your budget? Cozumel is home to a plethora of quaint dorm hostels, private rooms and Airbnb’s starting from $10-12 a night! Talk about a steal! Try the local delicacies such as scrumptious street tacos for only 30 Pesos/USD 2.5 for three tacos. Wash them down with a cold one, a mouthwatering margarita or a coffee under USD $1.32per cup.

Explore the real Cozumel!

You didn’t come all the way to this island to explore what everyone does, did you?! Head over to San Miguel- the main town instead of the tourist shops out the waterfront. The history buffs amongst you will squeal in delight over the Mayan ruins of San Gervasio. The best part? You can enter the sites for only $5 with free entry for kids under 10.

All this and so much more await you on this glorious slice of paradise for everyone with a budget! Happy travels!

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