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Walking a dog on the beaches of Cozumel

A Great Walk With A Dog on Cozumel

Do you have a dog you love more than anything in this world and want to keep it next to you through thick and thin, through all walks of life? Well, if that is the case, you need not worry. Cozumel has lots of pet-friendly spaces where you can enjoy a great walk with your dog. Excited to know more about such places in Cozumel? Stay tuned!

Many pet lovers are hesitant to take frequent vacation trips because it means leaving their four-legged friends behind with a dog sitter or at a kennel. But these days, more American households have pets than ever before, which is driving local communities to offer pet-friendly things to entice travelers with dogs. One of the most dog-friendly destinations in Mexico to check out is Cozumel, a popular getaway in Quintana Roo known as a “dog-utopia” for pups of all sizes, ages, and breeds. Here are some pet-friendly things you can do with your dog when you visit Cozumel.

To get some exercise for you and your pup, start your day off with a run along the Caribbean on Av Rafael E. Melgar. Melgar is a popular place for walking, running, biking, swimming, and taking guided boat tours. It has a great boardwalk to stroll along together. Leashed pets are welcome here. As you’re walking along, be on the lookout for native wildlife, such as pelicans, flying fish, stingrays, and even crocodiles.

After some epic outdoor adventures together, it doesn’t get much better than a craft brewery that welcomes dogs. There are two great dog-friendly brew spots in town to wind down and relax, including La Internacional Cervecería and Cerveceria Punta Sur. These well-established breweries are favorites among both locals and visitors and cater to a wide variety of tastes. At La Internacional Cervecería, try the Tierra Prime an American pale ale.

The restaurants in some cities are more pet-friendly than others, and Cozumel is one of the easiest places to eat well with a pup by your side. There are great spots with pet-friendly patios in and around the downtown area of Cozumel that are well worth the visit to relax and experience the diverse flavors of the city. For example, head to Rock ‘n Java with your pup for their famous famous Wedge salad and house made waffles with strawberries & whipped cream. Or you can enjoy the patio at the Thirsty Cougar with your pup and savor the most gigantic margaritas on the island.

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A beach club near Stingray Villa Cozumel

Is Cozumel Safe?

Are you thinking about going to Cozumel for your ultimate family vacation? Have you been planning it for too long and want everything to be perfect? Are you are asking yourself whether Cozumel is safe enough for you and your family? Be prepared because there is a predator on the island that is attacking tourists and locals alike. The Federales and the Marines have turned out to be no match to this predator’s attack.

These predators are evasive and well-prepared. They watch you sleep, calculating the precise moment at which you began to enter the dream stage. Their attacks occur in a short, unexpected burst. This often leaves you dazed and confused. By the time you turned on the lights, they will vanish. Who uses these guerrilla warfare tactics? The MOSQUITOES!!!

Mosquitoes spread viruses like dengue and chikungunya. Dengue fever symptoms are a sudden onset of fever, headache, and severe joint and muscle pain. Later, joint swelling, backaches, and a rash may appear. Symptoms may improve after two to three days or persist for about 10 days. The World Health Organization estimates that there may be 50-100 million dengue infections worldwide every year. However, introducing vaccines against dengue could be soon. A different virus causes Chikungunya. This illness has many similarities to dengue fever but is rarely lethal or as severe. Symptoms appear between four and seven days after the infective bite and include high fever, joint pain, joint swelling, rash, headache, muscle pain, nausea, and fatigue. In some people, joint pain may cause persisting trouble. Recovery brings immunity to further infection. Chikungunya is also spreading fast–half a million cases have occurred since 2013, in the Caribbean and Latin America. No vaccine is available at present.

My beautiful wife Silvia contracted Dengue this year and I spent many disquieted moments waiting for her 103 degree fever to break. We hope this post will prevent you from contracting any infections in our tropical paradise. You will be hard-pressed to find any tropical destination free from the risk of infection with mosquito-borne viruses, however, bite protection measures reduce the risk! When you are outdoors (at dawn and dusk), use an insect repellent containing DEET on exposed skin and on your clothing. Two of the best are Repel 100 insect repellent, which contains 98 percent DEET or Ben’s 30 DEET tick and insect repellent. Products like Avon’s Skin so soft just do not work. You can go to Cozumel and have a great time, but you must take careful precautions to avoid being bitten.

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A tourist relaxing at a Cozumel Beach Club.

Which Beach Club is Best on Cozumel?

If you are planning a trip to Cozumel, you must gear up because this will be everything more than you have ever imagined. You and your friends will have the time of your life. From some amazing beaches to a nightlife that will have you hooked, Cozumel is a land for everyone and anyone. Excited to have an amazing time in Cozumel? Get your bags packing and head out soon because this is love at first experience!

And guess what? Cozumel has some of the finest beach clubs. For example, Mr. Sancho’s beach club in Cozumel is as exciting as the name sounds. It is one of the finest beach clubs on Cozumel with tourists and natives loving it. This beach club also offers you an unbeatable value all-inclusive beach day; the “Mr. Sanchos All Inclusive Beach Day Pass”. Enjoy a full open bar and all you can eat from the menu! Guaranteed, nobody leaves Mr. Sancho’s beach thirsty or hungry! In addition, take advantage of first-class facilities and activities included in the all-inclusive beach break such as ocean kayaks, snorkel equipment (available for rent at $15usd plus a refundable deposit of $20usd), freshwater showers, lockers, hammocks, a water park (optional), plenty of water sports, beach palapas, multiple freshwater pools,  umbrellas, beach lounge beds, sun lounge chairs, and umbrellas. If you do not want to do the all-inclusive package, the entrance to this beach club is free. So, whether your budget is as tight as your skinny jeans or as big as your heart, it has a way in for everyone.

Worried about connecting your trip to the social media world at Mr. Sancho’s club? Do not worry anymore because it offers a free Wi-Fi service too. Mr. Sanchos has one of the largest private beaches with white sand and an aquatic park that makes you relish your time there; You will never forget your trip to Cozumel. Mr. Sancho’s staff assures a fine experience for everyone. It is just perfect for both friends and families to visit.

So, lie down on some beach-lounge chairs and soak in the gorgeous Cozumel sun. Trust us you will detox while forgetting all the blues in your life. We kid you not, this is the perfect getaway for everyone amidst a chaotic life.

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A view of Cozumel's harbor

When was Cozumel Established?

Cozumel is a Caribbean island with so much to offer that anyone who visits it will fall in love. A lot of tourists who visit always ask, “When was Cozumel Established”? If you have visited this beautiful island previously, you may have wondered this too. And for all those of you who have not yet been here, do not worry. We are about to give you a short history lesson where we tackle some of the most die-hard myths and legends repeated for years as being the truth regarding Cozumel’s past. 

The original settlers on the island of Cozumel were the Mayans, some 2000 years ago. That sounds too old, right? Spaniards gave the island the name Cozumel. This name derives from the word ‘Cuzam’ which means “swallow” and ‘Lumil’ which means “Land of”. Hence, in the Mayan Language, this refers to “Land of the Swallows”. In 1519 Hernán Cortéz landed, and his men destroyed many of the Mayan temples on Cozumel. Cortéz departed the island to further explore the peninsula, but he left something behind, Smallpox. This epidemic broke out and Cozumel’s population fell to less than 300 people by 1570. By the year 1600, Cozumel was abandoned. In the 1600s, British logwood cutters began settling Cozumel and shipping logwood (dyewood) back to Europe. The Spanish government considered these settlers to be piratas (the Spanish word for contrabandists because they paid no tax) and did not sanction their settlements. This is probably where the pirate myth started. The island became re-inhabited around 1848 when settlers from the mainland sought refuge there from the Caste War. This fierce war broke out when the Mayans avenged the wrongs inflicted on them and their lands by the Spanish. 

In the 1940s, Cozumel’s economy remained strong, owing to the construction of a US airbase here during WWII. When the US military departed, the island fell into an economic slump, and many of its people moved away. Those who stayed took up fishing for a living. Years later, Cozumel was still largely a fishing community until the 1960s. However, from then onward, the tourism industry pushed Cozumel to become a diver’s paradise. Then, in the 1970s, it was discovered as a tourist hub. Tourism really started to take off in the early 1980s following the construction of a commercial airport and the island’s first cruise-ship dock. Ever since, Cozumel has seen an acceleration in its fame and the number of tourists who love to visit the island. With its amazing parks, beaches, and water-related sports, we mark it as one of the most wanted travel destinations for travelers.

Today people absolutely adore Cozumel for its beauty and Instagram worthy scenery. If you have been planning a trip here, gear up because it will be amazing.

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A Cruise ship docked in Cozumel Mexico

Attractions Near the Cruise Port on Cozumel

It is uncontestable how Cozumel is one of the world’s finest port hubs and has some amazing water-related activities to do. The cruise port on Cozumel is another site tourists never want to come back from. If you are planning to visit Cozumel, do not forget to visit the Cozumel Cruise Port. This is the prime location of Cozumel with all its glory. Excited to find out more about it? Keep reading!

The first place you need to stop at is the free beach at the pier, which also offers a perfect view of the broadside of the cruise ships in port. Make your way there and get a photo of you standing with the ships in the background as a cheap souvenir to remember your trip. Another spot to take a perfect picture is in front of the Cozumel sign. In the background, you’ll have the ships docked and you’ll never forget where you were. They locate the sign at the pier where Margaritaville has its location. You might not access it if your ship docks at the other piers.

What is a trip to any place without some fun indulging in food and drinks, right? If you think so too, believe us, Fat Tuesday is one perfect place for your ultimate food and drink wishes to come true. This Mardi gras-themed place has tons of drink specials and is right near the pier. It is usually the first site you can spot as soon as you get off a ship. It has lots of special drinks for you to indulge in. The cruise ships will offer a lot of excursions and things to do in Cozumel, but they won’t mention that you can drink cheap, often just a stone’s throw away from the ship. Well, Fat Tuesday is exactly that place, Fellas!

Margaritaville Cozumel is another such location that you would enjoy your heart out at. Buzzing with chatters and tourists all the time, this is the heart of Cozumel’s port. People love to sit around in there, chatting with their friends or loved ones and drinking, eating and enjoying the lovely weather. The place is famous for its margaritas and offers affordable dining with a gorgeous view of cruise ships. They also have free WiFi so you can log in and check your email or send a message back home. Best of all, if you have a little too much to eat… or drink… it’s a very short walk back to the ship.

The duty-free store has a nearby location. It is a huge store where you can find literally everything and anything that you require. From chocolates and delectable to perfumes and jewelry and some of Cozumel’s finest souvenirs, this is a world of its own. You’ll make your way through the duty-free area as you make your way off the ship, so don’t worry about missing it. You should be a smart shopper and know what’s a fair price before you shop. Don’t just assume you’re getting a good deal. With so much to offer though, you might have to keep a check on your budget!

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A Fantastic Boat Trip on Cozumel - Stingray Villa

A Fantastic Boat Trip on Cozumel

Ever imagine yourself riding a boat through the sparkling waters of Cozumel? The wind playing with your hair. The birds chirping around. And they lade the air with a sense of peace and serenity. Sounds exciting? Well, it truly is. And if you want to experience a boat trip as exciting yet relaxing as this, you must head to Cozumel.

The best boat tour in Cozumel would be a private boat tour. It might be a little heavy on the pocket, but for an experience as surreal as this, it is worth it. Do not believe us? Head out soon and try for yourself. We bet you will be in full agreement with us.

The private tour begins from the Cozumel marina. This private boat tour can carry around 6-12 people. So, if you are planning a trip with your girl or boy gang, trust us, you will have the time of your lives. And guess what? These boats usually have a sound system. So, notch up the music and sail through the waves of the Caribbean Sea.

If you are someone who does not enjoy large flocks of people and lots of gathering, this is it. Get yourself some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city and relax throughout this sail. Whether you want to indulge in your favorite author’s book or relish a glass of wine with your friends’ company, a boat trip around Cozumel is everything you need.

The captain informs you about the places you will visit in between. Thinking what’s more? Believe us or not, the yummy Mexican delectable, freshly made Mexican margarita and the air around the boat is everything one can dream of. And do not forget to carry your snorkeling equipment with you. You never know when you feel like it. Because it is worth it!

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A Senior walking on a beach.

What is there to do for Seniors on Cozumel?

Cozumel is a breath-taking land with an intermix of beaches, wetlands, and water stretched as far as the human eye can see. Are you thinking water-related fun activities are only for the young? No, fellas! Cozumel is a land for everyone. It offers some exciting opportunities for all, from toddlers to children and even the senior/ retired population. This is the reason so many ex-pats come here to live on a permanent bias.

Without a doubt, the turquoise blue clear waters of Cozumel are not something you want to miss. Even though most senior citizens might not be comfortable swimming in the Caribbean, they can indulge in a Cozumel catamaran “sail and snorkel” excursion. For all the senior citizens with hydrophobia, the Cozumel catamaran tour is an experience worth remembering for a lifetime. Imagine this! You get to experience the surreal oceans of Cozumel without swimming in the ocean. And guess what? Some boats in Cozumel have glass floors that will allow you to see the seafloor. We cannot think of a better opportunity than this!

Cozumel is not just about water sports and fun but also has a very rich heritage and culture. Have a quest to discover the Mayan civilization? Seniors can have the time of their lives exploring the Mayan Ruins in Cozumel. Although this location is not wheelchair accessible, it has easy overall access. Immerse yourself in the old Mayan world and witness the Mayan temples first-hand. We kid you not, this is an experience worth your time and energy. With tour guides to explain the significance of every corner of the Cozumel ruins, you will truly enjoy the experience.

So, are you ready for a wholesome experience of Cozumel?

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A picture of punta sur from the Caribbean Sea

3 Great Places You Must Take Your Camera on Cozumel

Cozumel is a land of beautiful beaches, clear waters, and marine life almost unparalleled. The island is also a wholesome site that you must not miss. We absolutely recommend all nature lovers to visit this land of complete splendor. While most of its sites are picturesque, these top 3 sites will make you go all gaga over Cozumel.

Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

Do you have a thing for breathtaking scenarios and Instagram-able pictures on such sites? Well, if you are nodding your head already, do not forget to take your camera to Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park. This park’s location is approximately 7 kilometers away from Cozumel. It’s a mini lake that will take your breath away. With water as clear as a crystal and lush green vegetation surrounding it, these make for some of the finest pictures. We bet your friends at home will go crazy after this!

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park

Yes! Cozumel’s beach parks are worth taking many pictures. These sites remind one of heaven on earth. They located the Punta Sur Eco Beach Park on Cozumel’s southern coastline and it is the largest eco-park of Cozumel. Whether you want to click pictures of yourself sunbathing on the beach, or snorkeling in the gorgeous waters of Punta Sur, we promise, this is worth all the picture-hassle!

The Mayan Frontier

No trip to Cozumel is complete without a visit to the Mayan Frontier. A site full of heritage, culture, and ruins that remind you of diversity, the Mayan Frontier is worth all your phone space. With old, intricate and beautiful buildings, the Mayan ruins will make you want to revisit several times. So, when you want to revisit but cannot, these pictures are your best bet! Trust us, it is worth it!

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An airport waiting to fly to Cozumel Mexico

What Airlines Fly to Cozumel?

Cozumel has an international airport and is a very easily approachable island. Whether you want to travel to Cozumel through water or the air, it is up to you. But we guarantee you, you would not find difficulty in either of the ways. Perhaps, traveling through air is even easier. Lots of airlines connect to Mexico and particularly to Cozumel too because it is a tourist favorite destination. This is especially true in the vacation season. The biggest airlines flying to Cozumel are American Airlines, Delta, United, and now Southwest. If you are lucky enough to live in “hub” cities you can catch flights on Aeromexico, Frontier, Interjet, Sun Country, and Air Canada Rouge to arrive at Cozumel too.

WestJet is one of the finest airlines that travels to Cozumel. Trust us when we say this, WestJet is an experience of travel with absolute safety and the best accommodation. If you are seeking a comfortable journey with your friends or family, and want to make it to Cozumel in literally the best possible way, we recommend using WestJet. You can trust this airline as its service is top-notch and the quality of travel is outstanding. Moreover, its staff is very flexible and accommodating too.

Similarly, Southwest Airlines is another top-notch airline that you are love at first experience. We promise you of an experience that is worth coming back to, over and over again. The comfortable seating, a cozy ambiance, absolute hygiene, and comfort assure a trip worth remembering. Moreover, with Southwest Airlines, issues like luggage losses are minimal. We understand how troublesome it can be. So, do not worry and stick to Southwest Airlines for your vacations to Cozumel. You will truly love it!

All these Airlines operate in a lot of cities throughout the world. So, you must find out whether they operate in or near the city you live in. If they do, you can trust these Airlines to make your trip to Cozumel a memorable one. Do not believe us? Try out for yourself.

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Toddlers in Cozumel Mexico at the beach

What is there for toddlers to do on Cozumel?

Are you planning a trip to Cozumel with your toddlers and are confused? Worry not fellas! We assure you; Cozumel is a land for everyone. So, gear up, pack your bags and set straight for your voyage to Cozumel. After all, this is going to be a fun experience for both adults and toddlers alike.

We bet your kids will go bonkers with the amount of fun they will experience at Dolphin Discovery Cozumel. Believe us or not, it is every child’s dream come true. With well-trained and absolutely friendly dolphins to play around with, your kids are in safe hands. If your children love dolphins like they love candies, you must not miss out on the pictures either. While this may not be suitable for some toddlers, however, for children as old as 10 years or more, a swim with the dolphins is all one could ask for. Interacting with dolphins is like a once in a lifetime experience that no one should ever miss out on.

Another option is to visit the Mayan Cacao Company with your toddlers and trust us, they will be happy. Imagine, your toddlers will get to see aspects of the Mayan culture and their association with chocolate. Moreover, your kids will also get to witness how chocolate is produced and its applications too. The best part is the kids get to savor delectable made of fresh chocolate. And yes, the parents get to relish chocolate margaritas. Doesn’t this sound exciting? Well, it truly is!

While you enjoy the chocolate world with your toddlers, the Mayan Cacao Company also has some truly innovative chocolate products to buy. From soaps to lotions, sauces, self-made chocolate bars, and so much more is available as souvenirs. So, do not forget to take the best part of Cozumel along.

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