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Secure & Convenient Cozumel Storage at Mini-Storage Cozumel

Mini Storage Cozumel

Introducing Cozumel’s Premier Self-Storage Facility

If you’re seeking a way to keep your valuables safe and secure in Cozumel, self-storage is a smart solution. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the island, storing your belongings in a secure facility can provide peace of mind and protect your possessions from theft, damage, or loss. But with little self-storage options available in Cozumel, it’s tough to know where to start. In this guide, we’ll inspect Cozumel’s best self-storage option (Mini-Storage Cozumel), which may be the perfect solution for your needs.

The Challenge of Finding Self-Storage in Cozumel

Cozumel, the beautiful island in Mexico, is a popular destination for tourists, snowbirds, and expats alike. However, finding secure storage options on the island has been a challenge for many. Robert Bungener and Rita Michelle Absher (who have lived in Cozumel for over twenty years), saw this need and filled the gap by opening up their own storage facility called Mini-Storage Cozumel.

Mini Storage Cozumel Scooter Storage

Storage Options and Pricing

They altered their 10 waterproof shipping containers to an assortment of sizes to accommodate various storage needs. They offer four 20’ by 8’ containers for $150 USD each per month, four 10’ by 8’ containers for $75 USD each per month, and six 7’ by 8’ containers for $50 USD each per month.

One climate-controlled container is available for suitcases or durable 3-foot containers in a shared environment, for $10 USD per month. This last container provides added protection from humidity and extreme temperatures.

Mini-Storage Cozumel is a fantastic self-storage option on the island, making it a valuable resource for anyone needing to store their belongings without fear.

Additional Services Offered

Besides storage units for belongings, Mini-Storage Cozumel also has room to store cars, mopeds, boats, or jet skis. This can be a great option for those who need a safe place to keep their vehicles when they’re not in use, especially if you’re not on the island for extended periods. Over time, they plan to add more space as needed, so you can trust that their facility will continue to meet your storage needs.

Mini Storage Cozumel

Discounts and Contact Information

If you’re interested in securing a storage unit, Robert and Rita offer a discount when you pay six months in advance. You can reach them at (987) 103-8802 or (987) 893-9344 to learn more about their pricing and availability.

Conclusion – Trustworthy Storage Solutions in Cozumel

Don’t let the lack of storage options on the island worry you; Mini-Storage Cozumel is here to provide a reliable and secure solution for all your storage needs.

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