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A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach

Although it may appear all times at the beach are constructed equally, in reality, it will occur to you they aren’t. On your next holiday on Cozumel go to the beach every day in a different method!

Beach Club or Restaurant

They stock the Mexican Caribbean with beach clubs. You will be amazed that your beach chair and umbrella are complimentary as long as you purchase appetizers and refreshments. Listen to music and let the wait staff deliver your cocktails.


Most resorts have day passes available. Some are all-inclusive and in others, you may enjoy what you paid for the day pass. Most of the occasions they will present you with towels so you won’t be required to bring your own.


Take a cruise on a catamaran or party boat. Many of these tours have activities and entertainment on the boat and the shore when you reach your destination. Here your refreshments and meals are included.


This is the normal old-fashioned style. You gather up your umbrella, cooler, towels, beach chairs, and head for your favorite public beach. Don’t neglect to take enough beach toys, meals, refreshments (including water), and sunscreen.


Don’t have a trip planned? Upload a wallpaper photo of Cozumel or check out a fascinating website or a Pinterest account that spotlights the most magnificent beaches on the island of Cozumel.

What is your favorite method to go to the beach?

Written by Stingray Villa


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