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Cozumel marina dispute leaves Scuba Divers without parking.

All parking at the marina now fenced off in Cozumel

Parking Conflict at Cozumel Marina Leaves Scuba Divers Stranded

It was a magnificent day, the stay-at-home order was rescinded and the Scuba Tony dive boat was standing by to take us out for the first time in 3 months. We headed south down Av. Rafael E Melgar with hardly a wisp of traffic. All our senses were in overdrive. We pulled up to the guard shack and gave him our names and the dive company we were diving with. We now meandered down the concrete pavement to the Marina Fonatur and the heart of Cozumel’s scuba diving community.

What appeared before us sent a chill down our spines. While we were under curfew and forced to stay in our homes, WAR was battling on at Marina Fonatur. It turns out that the marina is owned by two separate corporations, the marina fonatur, and marina API. One of these factions thought it would benefit themselves by barricading off and locking the entire parking lot. This will generate a significant loss of income for all the industries at the marina. After COVID-19 it has become progressively more problematic to remain in business.

People parking on the most northern road in Marina Fonatur Cozumel

This faction should not be concerned with playing petty games for personal gain. We care passionately about the vibrancy of our Diving Industry. This enterprise has put forth efforts to help revitalize Cozumel. It also works hard to keep the business community thriving.

People parking on the most southern road out of Marina Fonatur Cozumel

The parking left will not support the marina. There is hardly space for 36 cars and 20 scooters now. When the divers return, where will they park? COVID-19 has hurt tourism and we can not let this continue. This is the moment the elected officials should perform. Please contact them and present your displeasure before further destruction is achieved. We can only do so much here at Stingray Villa and we need your help fighting for our beloved island.

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