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Cycling Holidays on Cozumel

Cycling Holidays on Cozumel - stingray villa

Feeling the earth destruction? Want to contribute to saving the beautiful land that is your responsibility and your right? Don’t fret fellows, we’ve got you!

Tour de Cozumel on cycles is a travel adventure that is a must have and a total showstopper! Whether you want to indulge in a lavish cycling adventure or are on a tight budget, Cozumel’s cycling tours have got you. Beach Bum Bikes, Punta Sur Adventure Eco Tour is a cycling tour that you’ll love. The ride is for full 5 hours in the park and includes transportation from the main waterfront in town. The sandy land is tough terrain that requires some sheer determination, but the bikes provided are adequate for this tour. As they say, no trip is complete without food included in it. Likewise, this trip includes a traditional Mexican lunch, water, soft drinks, and tequileria. What’s better than getting to have a lagoon boat ride and a crocodile habitat stop within this cycling package?

We love it when the customer is cared for, first and foremost. Beach Bum Bikes allow you to cancel your reservation any time you feel so or in case of an emergency. This is a total family heartthrob. The kids along with the parents can enjoy the rides and as safe as it is, this one’s truly enjoyable. Since all payments are made through PayPal, no personal information is required. Heads up!

Promoting an eco-savvy sort of tourism in Cozumel, it seeks to lessen pollution and the subsequent effects of pollution and earth-wreckage. We urge you to play your part and chose cycling tours so little by little, one by one, we can make the earth green again, safe again and thriving again.

Stingray Villa

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