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Dental Work on the island of Cozumel

Dental Work on the island of Cozumel

The dentist has never bothered us. We have had cavities and had to have braces. I once had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, but I was asleep for that. However, I know that many people are terrified by the dentist, because they have had complicated, painful work done. In addition, dental work is expensive, if you don’t have insurance.

More and more people are traveling to Mexico to get expensive dental work done for a fraction of the price. It’s more economical, yet at that same time, well-trained dentists in professional, high-tech medical offices are there for you.

How do we know? Because we have always had exceptional experiences with Cozumel Dental Services. We have crossed paths with many tourists who also had dental work done at Cozumel Dental Services too. A tourist had to stop there while on a cruise. They could accommodate her mother on brief notice and gave her wonderful care. She’s been to other dentists in Cozumel, and this was by far the best experience she’s had. They performed a root canal for a tenth of the price she would have paid in the USA.

When we need cleanings, we head to El Centro (20th Avenida between 7th Calle Sur & Hidalgo). When you arrive, you will meet Dr. Nora and Dr. Nayeli. They take the time to always listen, get to know and understand the needs and concerns of their patients, and explain treatments in understandable terms. We also recognize them for their gentle touch and many patients comment on having painless treatments.

I feel very comfortable recommending Cozumel Dental Services for any dental work. The atmosphere is always very relaxed. Everyone is very nice, professional, and they all speak English. You will also find all the equipment is modern.

They located Cozumel Dental Services in Centro Colonia, four blocks from the ferry. Their local number is 987-872-5753.

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