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Friendliest bars on Cozumel

Friendliest bars on Cozumel - stingray villa

Knock down a flavor-packed margarita and jazz your way through some of Cozumel’s friendliest bars! Like candy works for children, seaside bars automatically fix everything let loose. Alberto’s Beach Bar and Restaurant in Cozumel is a star. Adjacent to the sea, this bar is perfect for a romantic dine out or catching up with old friends. Not to forget, no one does fresh seafood like Alberto’s. Can’t you feel your mouth water thinking about those lobster tails, the fish tacos, and the conch ceviche? Top tip: propose your girlfriend on Alberto’s on the beachside bar, and trust us, you got this!

Looking for flavor punched mocktails and margaritas that tantalize your taste buds and make room for the perfect date spot? Head over to Wet Wendy’s and experience a margarita wonderland. Set in a perfect location, Wet Wendy’s offers some of the finest beef tacos as well. As unique as the name is, Wet Wendy’s is a highly different place that is a must try for tourists, especially. Despite Wet Wendy being on the inner side and requiring some extra walk, it is an experience worth shot. Besides, who doesn’t love a few steps extra just to keep those calories on track?

Boredom is the last thing you’ll feel when in Woody’s Bar and Grill. Next to the town square, Woody’s is a wholesome experience that is not only the best bar in Cozumel but a complete condensation of perfect nighttime. Ranging from classic American dishes such as burgers and fries to Mexican staples such as tacos and empanadas, Woody’s has got it all covered. And not to forget, what are drinks without some music? Live music, amazing food, and exceptional guitarists are the spotlight of Woody’s. Oh, and do not forget too much on their bacon wrapped shrimps. You see, you got to do what you got to do!

Stingray Villa

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