The Colourful Carnival on Cozumel

The Colourful Carnival on Cozumel - stingray villa

All things bright and colorful are an instant turn on for us. And if you think they make you happy too, then head out to Cozumel and delve into a colorful festival that will make you remember Cozumel forever. This dazzling carnival has a life-long history in Cozumel and shows up in February or March every year. Now you know the timing, you know the drill, get your bags packing!

A complete package of extravagance, colors, and life exhibited through a single event is almost spectacular. One can witness specks of colors parading in front of the downtown. People adorned in various kinds of costumes indulge in some amazing dance competitions and live bands make people dance to rhythms of their harmonious tunes. Yes, all this and so much more. You could be one of them!

Live among the carnival dwellers and try your luck and catch the multiple gifts that hail upon the people. Enjoy your heart out at the different dancing competitions and witness talent like none other. See the natives of Cozumel make the best out of their lives. Followed by some costume competitions that will remind you of fancy-dress competitions back in college. Believe us or not, this carnival is an unparalleled model of amusement.

Have masked balls in movies fantasized you too for all of your lives? Well, no more fantasies but only fantasies coming to reality. A masked ball is one of the many highlights of this carnival. So, step in with your significant other and dance all your way, feeling like the movie characters you always dream of.

Being one of the largest and grandest celebrations in the Mexican area, the Mayas and other people in Cozumel have an ultimate fun time during this carnival. If you want to have a hint of Cozumel’s culture and fun, February or March is an apt time for that.

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