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Unusual Local customs that Vacationers find on Cozumel

Some Local Customs that Strangers Find Unusual on Cozumel - stingray villa

What are the unusual local customs that vacationers find on Cozumel? Cozumel is a land of multiple dimensions, almost like that of the many dimensions of a kaleidoscope.

With some local customs that appear unusual to strangers in Cozumel, it is one place that celebrates its uniqueness in various ways. Locals dancing on the streets, parading with elaborate floats, costumes so bright and vivid, a plethora of music venues, and spontaneous exhibits which travel ward throughout the Cozumel are just some features of the “Carnaval” in Cozumel. As fun and exciting as it sounds, the Carnaval is a spectacular event, worth a special trip to Cozumel. While locals indulge in the celebrations ensuing, strangers often find it a very unusual way of celebration.

Unlike the USA or other such countries where Santa Claus is the star of Christmas, Cozumel’s stars are the three kings- Los, Tres, Reyes. And guess what? Instead of exchanging gifts on 25th December, natives conduct the exchange of gifts on the 6th of January. Strange but fancy, right? You must think why? It’s because of the twelve days these kings traveled to bring infant Jesus gifts for Christmas. We’re head over heels for this adorable view of celebrating Christmas distinctly.

Cool fact: Mexico and its cities, such as Cozumel truly celebrate their leaders. On the midnight of 15th September, all natives join in the Central Plaza to re-enact the event when Miguel Hidalgo invoked in the oppressed natives a sense to rise against the Spaniards with the cry of “Long Live Mexico!” With firework lighting up the sky and music and dancing to celebrate their victory, a magical celebration ensues for the entire night. And they seal the deal with a national holiday for Mexico’s independence.

While these little celebrations and their causes might look unusual and strange to outsiders, what we must not forget is the demeanor and the zeal that the natives celebrate. We’re all pumped up to see them first-hand, are you?

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