How To Celebrate Christmas in Cozumel

How To Celebrate Christmas in Cozumel

So maybe you’re tired of being snow-covered or rainy and wish to celebrate Christmas in Cozumel. Why not head to your nearest airport and head south for some wonderful food, fun, and beach time? All government agencies close and no official business gets done on Cozumel from December 12 to January 6. You still will discover lots of entertaining things happening on the island for you to see and take part in.

Everything gets kicked off with the custom of posadas. While this translates to “inn”, over the yuletide period it relates to a string of processions or parties in which both children and adults take part. Each night from December 16th through to Christmas Eve, various residences are decorated and children pass from door to door singing a song and ask if there’s a figurative “room at the inn”. This recreation of the Christmas tale (which sees Mary and Joseph doing much the same thing) ends on Christmas Eve when they are invited in to enjoy the party. In practice though, a posada most refers to a generic Christmas party experienced in the run-up to the joyous season, with a plethora of food, drink, and pinatas.

On Cozumel, it is Christmas Eve when the festivities are observed rather than December 25th proper. Otherwise, known as Nochebuena, cozumelenos will take part in the final posada celebrations by enjoying an extravagant family dinner and singing karaoke till the sunrise on Christmas Day.

Cozumel children used to expect the distribution of their much yearned for gifts on the Día de Los Reyes (January 6th, otherwise recognized as Epiphany). They would compose a letter to the Reyes Magos, before sending it into the sky attached to a balloon and leaving a shoe on their windowsill in which to receive the presents. January 6th marks a significant date in the Mexican Christmas calendar, as it’s when the sweet bread known as Rosca de Reyes is eaten. Hidden within this decorated oval-fashioned loaf are tiny figurines of baby Jesus. But you don’t want to be the one to discover him in your portion, because custom dictates that the Jesus-finder must buy everyone tamales on February 2nd during Candelaria.

Written by Stingray Villa


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