Sargassum Seaweed in Cozumel 2019

Sargassum Seaweed on Cozumel 2019

You are coming to Cozumel and have heard all the horror stories of Sargassum seaweed in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. What is causing the Sargassum to grow in such quantities? Experts believe it has a lot to do with the currents, global warming, wastewater and other pollution supplying nutrients for the algae to grow.

Cozumel continues to be one of the least sargassum affected municipalities and maintains clean beaches (different from the landscape of other Quintana Roo destinations). This translates into tourist benefits during all holiday seasons. Cozumel has been voted “Sargassum free” by surveys from the council of national tourist destinations. Due to the location of Cozumel, its west-facing beaches are either relatively or completely sargassum-free. These beaches are where all the hotels and beach clubs are located and never have the problems of the mainland. This lack of seaweed is causing a boom in the number of tourists heading to Cozumel. You can contact us at for a seaweed update at any time.