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There is something brewing on Cozumel

There’s something brewing on Cozumel: artisanal coffee

Travelers searching for the perfect beverage to start their day no longer have to settle for instant coffee brewed in old-fashioned pots. Stingray Villa has collaborated with organic coffee company (café oro mágico) to perk up caffeinated beverage options in all of our accommodations. Considering the spreading popularity of Starbucks and other craft brews, we have no choice but to offer coffee of equal or higher quality.

“Coffee is too often overlooked, but it is essential to hotel guests,” says Silvia Lupone, owner of Stingray Villa. “Great resorts are taking the time to explore origins and blend options and deliver an outstanding experience. Quality coffee programs have become vacation differentiators.”

“Coffee is the next microbrew beer,” says Silvia. “Similar to microbrews and the interest guests have in those, we are now looking at how we can incorporate local artisan coffee as part of the villa’s experience.”

The importance of coffee is highlighted in a 2015 National Coffee Association USA study, which found that 70% of consumers say coffee wakes them up and gets them going in the morning. About 17% of all coffee drinkers expressed concern about environmental and sustainability issues. Stingray Villa is keeping up with expectations by offering organic coffee locally sourced and produced.

Who says coffee should be consumed only in the morning?

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