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The Mysteries of the Mayans

Mayan ruins in Cozumel Mexico - stingray villa, Cozumel

If you think Mexico is only famous for its food, thriving customs, and delicacies you can’t be far away from the truth! Mexico is home to one of the most infamous and mysterious civilizations of all times; the mighty Mayans! With so much still being discovered, here are several facts about the Mayans that you probably didn’t know!

Before their mysterious disappearance in the last millennium, the Mayans inhabited most of the modern-day Yucatan, Mexico. Archaeologists keep finding something new and more captivating about this unforgettable civilization; In 2015, a discovery of the tallest Mexican Mayan pyramid happened 1000 years after their absence. The fascinating Mayan calendar (that uses stars alignment and belief of the end or anew of the world every 31st December) had the world convinced of an apocalypse wiping out humanity in 2012! Why not visit Mexico to visit the ruins of the civilization that scared many of us merely years ago? Pagans or devout worshipers? The Mayans are famed for their human sacrifices performed for both religious and medical reasons. Burying alive, shot by arrows, decapitated or pushed into a sink-hole; the sacrifices and their details are gruesome but worth reading about. Impossible beauty standards? Nothing new! The Mayans were utterly beauty-conscious and went as far as flattening the foreheads of babies with wooden planks tied to their heads. Ironically, they believed that the sun god favors cross-eyed people and hoped to cross their own eyes by insane methods.

Huge chocolate lovers, evidence suggests that the Mayans were cocoa fans and processed it 2600 years ago, making it an important part of rituals and celebrations. The Mayans haven’t disappeared but keep living in ancient home regions in South America.

Stingray Villa

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