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What Not to Do on Your Next Cozumel Vacation

What Not to Do on Your Next Cozumel Vacation

You will discover an abundance of web articles listing things you should do while visiting Cozumel, but we wanted to give you what not to do on your next Cozumel vacation. Do not fear, we’re here to furnish you with that list.

1) Do not attribute the ice for any stomach issues you encounter. They form all ice with purified water. You should understand that the eight beers and a massive plate of nachos with extra jalapenos that you consumed yesterday may generate your issues. The two shots of tequila didn’t benefit either.

2) Do not squeal “Alto!” at the taxi driver when you require him to stop just because that’s what it states on the stop signs. That isn’t how you state “Stop!” in Spanish. Mention to the taxi driver what your destination is when you get in. It’s a more civilized and this way the residents won’t snicker at you.

3) Do not fall asleep on the beach when you are in the sun. Sometimes it doesn’t appear like it because of the cool ocean breeze, but the sun here is powerful. It is more enjoyable to sleep in the shade. Wake-up, relaxed, and not sunburned.

4) Do not go swimming in the ocean when you are intoxicated. One comment: Deadly. Go swimming in the ocean only when you are sober. One word: Fantastic.

5) Do not be discouraged if someone doesn’t understand when you speak English. You’re in a region where English is not the original language. Have fun and try to use your Spanish. The residents love it when you attempt to communicate, and they do not mind if you make mistakes.

6) Do not pay the original quoted price for souvenirs in the flea market. They always over price. Take part in the art of haggling. Then pretend to wander away when you are close to the price you prefer to pay.

7) Do not purchase drugs. Can’t you wait until you arrive home? Perhaps you shouldn’t be doing them. Stay away from all criminal endeavors. They base the juridical system here on the Napoleonic Code, which is guilty until proven innocent. Need we go any further?

8) Do not get so tipsy where you cannot perceive what’s going on. You shouldn’t do this anywhere, but it is more relevant when you are visiting an unusual place. Drink and be joyous. You can drink, but recognize it’s a marathon, not a dash.

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