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5 Reasons NOT to Live in Cozumel

5 Reasons NOT to Live in Cozumel

5 Reasons NOT to Live in Cozumel

It is possible to miss the USA when you move, here are the 5 reasons not to live in Cozumel. Although Cozumel is a stunning, and magical place, you may miss some things about the USA after your move. I recall visiting Cozumel during the ’90s and missing a few things about the USA that you cannot get in Cozumel. There are some popular chain restaurant meals that you cannot get on Cozumel, along with specific events–like snow skiing!

#1: Seasonal Changes

As we all know, seasons do not change on Cozumel. It is temperate year-round and there is only cold weather in the elevations of central Mexico. So, when residing on Cozumel, you will not experience the changing of the seasons. That means no snow, no fall leaves, no spring flowers, and no late summer nights. Although in the USA, daylight can stretch all the way until 9 PM at night at the peak of summer, that’s not the case on Cozumel. On Cozumel, the sun still goes down around 7:30 PM during the summer months.

#2: Cross-country Road Trips

There’s no interstate to travel on between Cozumel and the mainland! This means no road trips, no easy cross-country traveling and weekend trips out of state. This should be something to keep in mind when moving to Cozumel because you will lose out on all of this. Traveling out of state from Cozumel is going to be at least $35 USD just to get off the island, per ticket. Keep this in mind. We love going on weekend road trips across states, but you can’t do that on Cozumel!

#3: Winter Sports

Winter sports are huge in the eastern USA area. Everyone skis and snowboards at the resorts. It’s a big deal. If you’re into these winter sports, prepare to not have them at all when you move to Cozumel. The closest thing to winter sports will be water sports and the two are profoundly different. Die-hards for winter skiing passes need to have a conversation or two before the move to Cozumel. I know individuals in Vermont that will ditch work for days when the powder is fresh.

#4: Mainland Chain Restaurants

Although this seems like a trivial thing, there are no In-N-Outs on Cozumel. I am an In-N-Out fan myself and love their burgers. I miss them when I visit Cozumel for an extended period. If your mainland chain restaurants are important to you, then think again before moving to Cozumel. This is just one example of several other chains that are not on Cozumel, like Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes. There are a few USA chains in Cozumel, but we have Hooters.

Luckily for us, we did not fall into any of these categories and love our life on this island. If you visit us at Stingray Villa, you will see our love of the island and enjoy our recommendations.

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