A Little Bit Of History on Cozumel

A Little Bit Of History on Cozumel

Home to Mexicans and expats, Cozumel island also attracts thousands of tourists every year. This migration is a sight. But what leads to Cozumel being the famous island it is today? Let us take you through a little bit of history on Cozumel.

Rich and distinct, the history of Cozumel dates back to the earliest days of habitation in 300 BC by the Yucatan Maya. Using the island to the best of its potential, the Mayas used it for sea trading. The rich heritage and the old temples that one gets to witness around Cozumel is a by-product of the Mayas’ hard work. The Cozumel Mayas never met the various Spanish conquerors with extreme anguish or hatred. However, much to our dismay, the British conquerors tried to settle in Cozumel for the aim of sending back log woods from Cozumel to Europe. The Spanish government considered these settlers to be piratas (the Spanish word for contrabandists because they paid no tax) and did not sanction their settlements. This is probably where the pirate myth started. 

Contrasting to popular belief Cozumel was not a stronghold of pirates but underwent many attacks by them. Fast-forward, one could picture Cozumel in the 1700s as a land of a few, embarked by a low population. We ask you to believe us; We consider Cozumel a people-fetching and a precious treasure of the world. With almost 30 different coral reefs, this island has given life to not only a million marine species but also provides a way of life to many people from all over the world.  

When you are on the island of Cozumel, do not forget to visit the different cultural sites there. Feel the essence of the historic significance of Cozumel in every site you witness. Despite modernity and the complexities that evolve, locations such as this one depict a hint of their history in everything. 

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