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A Magnificent Church on Cozumel

Beautiful Catholic Church on Cozumel Mexico - stingray villa

Isn’t there something calming and so peaceful about churches? And aren’t magnificent churches like gold to glitter? Cozumel being a wholesome space for everyone, and anyone has some of the finest and the most magnificent churches. But there is one that has our heart, and we vouch for it; It surely steals your heart too.

The Cathedral of Corpus Christi is a glimpse of paradise on earth. A place that makes you feel sorted out, soothe and almost surreal, this Cathedral is our favorite spot to be in whenever you need some time to rejuvenate and revamp your soul. In the heart of Cozumel, this is one of the most famous churches in Cozumel, so fret not, it is easy to spot. Adorned with lots of small and dainty pink and white incarnations on the pillars, the huge altars and everything in between is as mesmerizing as the feeling of being in there is.

Confess to the priests and let your heart and soul feel at ease. With English translations provided for the readings, the experience is more home-like and understandable. Witness a true essence of the Caribbean aspect in the church. Starting from the tall yellow-colored building of the church to enter inside and finding small shell containers for a sprinkling of Holy Water, we ask you to believe us, this will be a staple for your time in Cozumel.

Do you love some genuine and local spots that make vacations not just a time away from home but something to hold on to? With the finesse of the local culture and heritage, Corpus Christi is a true embodiment of “beautiful, inside-outside”! Do not forget to take your teenage kids along, because the sermons have a special address for them. Athirst to visit? Visit now if you are in Cozumel!

Stingray Villa

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