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Adventures on the bus around the Yucatan

adventures on the bus around the Yucatan peninsula - stingray villa, Cozumel

One of the most sought after travel destinations around the globe, the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re a lover of glimmering aqua stretching beyond your eyesight or pristine white beaches dotted with towering palm trees or a lover of all things historical and architectural; you will not return home disappointed.

Its popularity and prime location make the Yucatan more expensive than vacationing in the rest of Mexico, but why break your bank? Travel around this exotic peninsula under budget with low-cost travel buses. Who says you cannot make unforgettable memoirs traveling in public transport? The region has a system of buses to take you around. The main bus company in the peninsula is ADO, which offers a discount line called Mayab operating under them to talk about cheaper options! Guess what? Public transport does not have to be awful! The ADO has plush, comfortable seats that come with air-conditioning and sometimes even with an in-house entertainment; a personal TV! Passengers can pull up schedules off their websites and plan their routes in advance to avoid the hassle. The Mayab is not a great way to travel, but it’s a cheaper option with the not-so-awesome amenities, unlike the ADO.

Traveling around the state is easier by Vans called the Collectivo. We share this transportation and it is cheaper! These minivans hail as many passengers as they can and can faster maneuver along the roads because of their compact size. Prepare to pay anywhere from 1 to 8 (USD) for a collective. With every bus/van passing by a stop every 15 minutes, you will not have to wait hours for getting aboard. Bonus points? This travel option is a great way to make friends and enjoy a good conversation as you breathe in the stunning natural beauty of the region.

So, save some bucks via cheap-travel around the Yucatan peninsula and experience the true sense of adventure on their infamous bus rides.

Stingray Villa

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