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Bees and honey around Cozumel

Honey bees on Cozumel - stingray villa

Lovers of the sweet, heavenly honey distinctive to Mexico call the region a bee sanctuary! Mexico is a region oozing with history, heritage, and biodiversity. The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is accountable for the production of a third the honey Mexico produces. The infamous 3,000-year-old indigenous Melipona bee the Mayans cultivated that produces some of the best honey in the world today; making Mexico a honey and bee heaven.

Their history is just as interesting! This stingless honeybee lives in small colonies in huge hollowed-out trees. The difference between the European honey bee introduced to the region in 2011 is the quality and the taste of honey. The Melipona honey has a very distinctive taste; It is floral, with both sweet and sour flavors. The natives of the Yucatan have been preserving the Meliponiculture (Mayan Beekeeping tradition) for eons! This delicious condiment was used to sweeten food in earlier times. The demand for this unique honey allows for sales and distribution around the world. They value it for its healing properties and usage in natural remedies. From face masks to being a great antioxidant, Anti-cancer and its wound-healing activity amongst various other properties make honey one of the finest natural raw ingredients available to mankind. People use honey soaps, shampoos, skincare creams, eye drops to treat cataracts and even as talc! Its wide demand and value leave it at a price tag of around $199.9/ 32 oz of 100% pure Melipona honey.

Do you fancy taking a stroll amidst these endangered yet fascinating creatures and learning more about them firsthand? Why not visit the Mayan Stingless Bee sanctuaries in Cozumel? Unleash the explorer in you as you step into this interactive sanctuary for a tour of 1 ½ hours. Learn about the Mayan wonder and maybe taste a drop or two of this liquid gold yourself! Salivating already? So, are we!

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