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Chiles en Nogada on Cozumel

Chiles en Nogada on Cozumel

Chiles en Nogada is a traditional Mexican dish with a splendid past. Since this is a significant event, we constantly decide to leave it to the professionals at Rock ‘n Java, one of Cozumel’s oldest and most cherished restaurants. Chiles en Nogada is customarily only served in September and October when pomegranates are in season. It is most generally enjoyed in September for Mexican Independence Day, as it is a very patriotic dish that encompasses all the colors of the Mexican flag. Chiles en Nogada is truly one of Mexico’s most patriotic dishes, sometimes referred to as the country’s “national dish,” although this distinction technically goes to Mole Poblano

It is commonly recognized that Chiles en Nogada originated in Puebla, but there are two versions of who exactly came up with the recipe. The most popular story claims the dish was first prepared for Mexican emperor Agustín de Iturbide by sisters in a convent (historians can’t agree on which convent) in the 1800s. The alternative tale claims the Traslosheros family created the dish from recipes that were handed down to them. If you find yourself traveling to the Mexican mainland in the summer, sampling Chiles en Nogada is a must. Many restaurants serve this dish during the summer and fall seasons. In Mexico City, you can try it at Azul y OroIn Puebla, where the dish originated, Casa de los Muñecos restaurant is a popular choice. And if you’re on the coast, check out El Portón in Veracruz.

The dish comprises poblano chiles stuffed with picadillo (ground meat, fruit, and spices) and topped with a walnut-based cream sauce (nogada), pomegranate seeds and parsley. Another phenomenon that astounded me, it is quite sweet. I really appreciated it and inhaled every bite. Yum. Viva Mexico (Just what I needed, something else I love to eat.)

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