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How to Scuba Dive without a Certification

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Scuba diving is a whole new world that you can experience in reality. No high-budget movie, no memoir can ever measure up to this! Imagine, you’ve just landed on the Cozumel tropical territory and the wide expanse of the stark blue ocean beckons you towards it. You rush forward in a burst of adrenaline only to a stop inches before the water grazes your feet. What are you waiting for? If, the fear of not knowing how to swim or scuba-dive; we got you!

As fun and thrilling as it is, Scuba diving is not an easy sport to learn. To get a professional certification/scuba-diving license, get the “Open Water certification” from PADI which is the first-level certification or baseline course to start with. However, this certification can cost you three hundred dollars and multiple days if not weeks to learn and grasp the basics. Not everyone has the time or the money to invest in such certifications, and sadly they give up their dream of scuba-diving. But if scuba-diving is on your bucket list and you’re not ready to let go of your dream so easily, keep reading!

Instead of opting for the Open Water Certification and setting back your bank balance, the “Scuba Discovery or Discovery Diving” is for you! It teaches you how to tread water, swim, and breathe underwater. You are also taught how to use the equipment and (supervised by a trained instructor) you hit the waters! We can do all this on the same day for around $80 USD! Discovery dives are the perfect alternative to the more expensive open water certification and are more like a trial period before you dive in deep! What are you waiting for? We recommend Scuba with Mario here in Cozumel. Let your soul rejuvenate with a once-in-a-lifetime experience without spending hundreds of dollars! Cheers!

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