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Evil foods to avoid in Mexico

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You don’t travel to Mexico without filling your mouth and heart with its exotic street food found on every corner, but some people disagree. Tourists sometimes report horror stories of food contamination and stomach aches. This leaves prospective travelers feeling unsure and anxious about what to expect of the Mexican cuisine. To make your life simpler and your stomach lighter, we submit to a list curated of the evil food you must avoid at all costs in Mexico!

Evil food number one: Avoid unwashed vegetables and fruits! Just like anywhere in the world, pesticides and chemicals are used to boost crop yield. Mexican citizens regularly scrub these vegetables and fruits with a detergent-liquid, salt, or an antibacterial product.

Evil food number two: Do not drink tap water! Avoid tap water the best you can. While bottled water will cost you a few extra bucks, it’ll still spare you from the trouble of ER and medical attention. Fair deal, right?

Evil food number three: Raw seafood and shellfish are a huge no-no too! No matter how good it is, chances are you may catch lethal bacteria from even a mouthful left uncooked. Would you enjoy getting salmonella? No? We thought so too! Avoid raw steak for your own safety, please.

Evil food number 4: Prepared meat usually sold by street-vendors (that have been sitting in the Mexican heat) is also unsafe for your poor stomach. Montezuma’s Revenge? Not today!

Evil food number 5: Savor the mild buzz but do not overindulge in alcohol. Binge drinking will dehydrate you immediately!

Order everything well-done and avoid the colorful fruits sold on the streets. Those fruits are rarely fresh. Stick to your restaurant meals, safe bottled water, fresh food, and you may avoid the wrath of food poisoning!

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