The Coffee Lovers Guide to Cozumel

Satisfy Your Coffee Cravings: Exploring Cozumel’s Top Coffee Shops

If you’re planning a visit to Cozumel and need your daily caffeine fix, look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve curated a list of the best coffee shops in Cozumel. From familiar favorites like Starbucks to charming local cafes, you’ll find a diverse range of options to satiate your coffee cravings. Mexico is renowned for its coffee production, and Cozumel serves up exquisite Mexican coffee that will delight your taste buds.

El Coffee Cozumel

El Coffee Cozumel not only has some of the best coffee it also has fresh pastries to go along with it. Breakfast menu items are “taste bud” knockouts! Desserts are out of this world delicious! You will see more smiles on people’s faces (servers, staff, and customers) than anywhere on the island! The design of this café is also inspiring and a place you will want to sit around. The temptation will overtake you to order something off the menu. The prices will also be lower than the chain places, and we think the taste is better. Give a local coffee shop a shot.


Starbucks has multiple locations in Cozumel. Yes, it tastes the same as everywhere in the world. Most of the staff speak English here, so it makes it easy for a tourist.

COZ Coffee Roasting Company

We always come here for the peanut butter coffee because we can’t find anything like it anywhere else! They brew it with the coffee in it so it’s magical. The coffee arrives here from Oaxaca & Veracruz and is freshly roasted. This will be the freshest roast coffee you can get. Do not forget to get your coffee bean bags for those coworkers and yourself so you can reminisce on your vacation over a cup of Tom’s top coffee beans. COZ Coffee Roasting Company location is by Wet Wendy’s and Dick’s Dive if you have any trouble finding it.

Buying bags of coffee in Cozumel

As mentioned above, two places sell their roast and blends. These are Oro Magico and COZ Coffee Roasting Company. Oro Magico is our favorite because the plantation owner brings his Chiapas beans to Cozumel right after he picks them. This is the only organic coffee Stingray Villa uses.
If you are shopping in a grocery store for coffee, we recommend La Finca brand in a white bag. Just make sure you don’t get the white and green bag because it is decaf coffee. Cafe Punta Del Cielo is another recommended brand. They have metal tins with a pin to pop the seal on the top. If they do the packing right, there will be a burst of air that comes out with an intense coffee smell. The pricing of both brands is excellent, and the quality is too. For coffee in supermarkets, these are the best brands.

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