Stingray Villa

The Best Cafe on Cozumel

The best Cafe on Cozumel - stingray villa

Living this life for good food and travel? Hola! We’ve got everything covered. Maple Bakehouse, set in the heart of Cozumel is hands-down a top-notch restaurant catering to people of all ages. A paradise for the vegan and like gold to glitter for men and women wanting a fusion of Mexican and American food. Nothing feels better than finding your kind of food on vacations, right? For those undergoing diseases like celiac, go no further and chose your favorite dishes at Maple Bakehouse, for it specializes in gluten-free food as well. A cozy ambiance, marked by an item of modern and intricate furniture and beautiful plants exude nothing but absolute comfort, almost like a home away from home!

Explore the vast variety of Maple Bakehouse’s menu, ranging from Mexican nachos to eggs benedict, from a hearty plate of pancakes to a side of scrambled eggs and fruits. Drool-worthy, no? Keeping its policies friendly for the locals and especially for tourists, Maple Bakehouse accepts Master cards and Visa cards. No worries if you forgot to pick up that cash! Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered even if you got yourself injured and need to use a wheelchair. Maple Bakehouse believes in inclusivity and has made a zone for wheelchairs to enter. Picture this! You’re sitting outdoors with your significant other in a breezy night and with clouds hanging low on the sky. The candles are lit and its just you and your significant other, with delicious food, the right ambiance and a spark of togetherness. Truly delightful! We challenge you to believe and trust Maple Bakehouse with your food choices because hygienic and truly delicious food within the price range that Maple Bakehouse offers are an unparalleled endeavor to make your vacations truly special.

Stingray Villa

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