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The Real Party Animals of Cozumel

The Real Party Animals of Cozumel

You may consider Cozumel as a bustling hotspot filled with resorts and restaurants, and you’d be correct. Cozumel also enjoys a collection of natural beauty and is developing into a destination where tourists stay to encounter the best of both worlds, a diving mecca, and a destination known for its natural attractions. Cozumel is not only home to Mexican residents and expatriates but likewise to many wild creatures.

Blue Land Crabs

Although urbanization has lessened the number of Blue Crabs in Cozumel, the need to reach the sea produces the incredible sight of their mass migrations in late summer. This is when thousands of females head for the ocean with their undersides covered in eggs. There is still another big crab exodus earlier in the year which corresponds with the island’s early summer rains in June. Biologists are in less understanding of why this march takes place. Many blue crabs in Cozumel live in their preserved natural habitat on the north end of the island.


Dolphins are social mammals that talk with each other using clicks, whistles, and other vocalizations. There are many businesses in Cozumel that offer a swim with dolphins experience, but there are likewise dolphins living in the Caribbean Sea in their natural environment. Pay them a visit during a boating excursion.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles have existed over 100 million years, but are endangered. May through October is nesting season and we can observe turtles laying their eggs on Cozumel’s white-sand beaches. Then, when the baby sea turtles hatch, there are many programs in which locals and visitors can take part to help the babies make their way to the sea.


I understand crocodiles to be descendants of dinosaurs. Cozumel crocodiles are usually non-aggressive. Their typical diet made up of fish and other small wildlife. However, there have been a few circumstances of people being maimed by crocs when they have ventured down into the mangroves. It’s better to watch the crocs from a boat in their habitat at Punta Sur.

Nurse Sharks

The Nurse shark is the most common shark in Cozumel’s waters. Nurse sharks are bottom-dwellers and are harmless to humans. Many divers in Cozumel encounter the nurse shark because during the day lying on the sandy bottoms of underneath ledges or in crevasses. However, they can be big, up to 14 feet, and have powerful jaws armed with thousands of slight, serrated teeth. They will bite if stepped on or annoyed by divers who assume they’re tame. The sharks use their mighty jaws to crush and eat shellfish but prefer to consume fish, shrimp, and squid. They’re colored gray-brown and have extraordinary tail fins that can be up to one-fourth of their total length. Unlike most other sharks, nurses are smooth to the touch. Be sure to always follow the directions you are given by any tour guides or organizers when observing Mexico’s wildlife. We want these creatures to be around for our children, and their children to enjoy.

Come to Mexico and meet the creatures of Cozumel!

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