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Tips for the Perfect Ceviche on Cozumel

The perfect ceviche on Cozumel - stingray villa

Planning a trip to Mexico without tasting the most amazing ceviche would be a shame! Predominantly a Peruvian wonder, the Mexican Ceviche is in a league of its own. It’s time you learned some A-star tips for the best one out there. Trust us, it’s easy and a delight to prepare. Whether you visit the sea-side restaurants, 5-star hotels or a traditional Mexican dining table, prepare for an amazing burst of flavors as you taste their ceviche. Read on to learn the art for the perfect ceviche!

Quality is crucial. The fish is the star ingredient of a good ceviche so choosing the best one is of prime importance. Make sure your fish is fresh; the best Fish for Ceviches in Latin America is lean and white-fleshed such as red snapper, Halibut quality tuna, and flounder. Mince your onion instead of leaving bite-sized chunks to ruin the dish. Same goes for your fish fillet, lightly chop and slice the fish into uniform chunks by flattening it with your palm on a cutting-board. Same-sized ingredients make up a good ceviche for they can marinate easily and enjoy fully. Do not over marinate your fish; Thirty minutes are all you need for the absorption of citrus to be complete. Besides a strong acidic hint provided by lime, add some orange or lemon juice for that extra zing by lemon and sweetness by the orange. Don’t be shy with the cilantro! Use it generously to spice up your ceviche by the right flavors. Any good hot sauce such as Tabasco and vinegar and spices will finish this glorious dish.

While following these steps and ingredients will guarantee a stellar dish, have fun with the toppings and spices to create a unique ceviche that will stay embedded into your memoirs and sizzle your taste-buds for days!

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