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What is going on right now on Cozumel?

Stingray Villa has implemented these new procedures for your safety.

Current Happenings in Cozumel

Just to get people up to date on the present conditions of Cozumel, we are under a “stay at home” order. This is supposed to be removed later in June. While there has been some controversy between businesses setting dates, the federal government, and the state, we are hoping for a date to be formally announced shortly. Most hotels are closed to the public. As for the vast all-inclusive hotels, about 50% have an opening date for later in June and the other 40% or so have an opening date in July. A few are pending, with some having opening dates later in the summer, but we expect they will change these. Most restaurants on the island are closed but as the “stay at home” order is lifted, we foresee them to open, with the volume of tourists visiting.

What are the local restrictions on Cozumel?

Cozumel has roads open with police checkpoints. It is obligatory to bear a mask out in public. We have had a curfew for overnight hours and the beaches are closed. We also have restrictions as to the number of people that can be in a car (1 person). So at the moment, Cozumel is in phase 3 where we have quarantines and are seeking to slow the advance of COVID-19. Cozumel is about one month behind the original cases appearing in the United States. While some states in the U.S. are lifting restrictions now, we hope to have our restrictions removed by sometime in June. We say that the island of Cozumel has had a smaller case number of infections and fatalities up to this point. Hospitals on the island are stable at this stage. While this is a developing situation, it turns out that Cozumel has been less affected than some parts of the world.

What are people saying about coming to Cozumel?

Many of you have shown your desire to vacation on Cozumel. Some have moved back travel to the fall, while others have indicated they wanted to stay twice as long this year. Actual arrivals might lag the desire to come as soon as possible. Most people we have communicated to are considering coming in the September-December period of 2020. If conditions around the world are stronger by this fall, we could have an extremely busy Fall/Winter season for the island.

When will businesses be open on Cozumel?

We have to recognize that even after constraints are removed, there still is a pandemic in the world.  We wish to see the beaches, restaurants, and hotels filled again. It has been a significant time in the world that has brought travel to an immediate standstill. We look forward to soon when we can all travel again.

Written by Stingray Villa

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