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24 Useful Items to Pack For Your Cozumel Vacation

24 Useful Items to Pack For Your Cozumel Vacation

Essential Cozumel Vacation Packing List – Uncover What You Need for an Unforgettable Trip.

Wondering what to pack for your Cozumel vacation? We expect you to take your swimsuit, socks, and underwear for your vacation. But what else should you carry? There are a lot of items that most individuals wouldn’t consider to pack that can be helpful for your trip. While we advise people to pack light, there’s no dishonor in being equipped for everything on your trip. To aid you, we’ve finished a list of 24 useful items that deal with what to take on your vacation. Many of these you’d never think about packing.

A Portable Fan

We love bringing along a fan to save us in our apartment. It helps to circulate air in the room and provides white noise to drown out sounds. For about $10, you can pick up a design that includes two-speed settings and will fit on a nightstand. One important tip (no matter which sort of fan you bring) you need something compact.

Hand Sanitizer

There’s no glossing over the recent health issues that have occurred in the world, and it’s a great plan to take matters into your own hands. Bring your hand sanitizer so you don’t have to seek for some around Cozumel. Use it throughout your vacation. The delightful news is that it’s not expensive. Just be certain to get smaller bottles that can fit in a pocket or a purse.

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizers perform many purposes. Hang it over the lavatory door and you have a place to put minor items like deodorant, shampoo bottles, and sunscreen bottles. This way you don’t have to take up valuable counter space.

Beach Blanket

If you choose to spend time on the beach, then you have to pick up a beach blanket. Pick one composed of microfiber so it will pack, taking no space. What we like most is the size. It’s larger than setting down two pool towels to keep you off the sand.

Ziploc Bags

Bringing resealable Ziploc bags is one of the shrewdest things you can do. From keeping your wallet dry while you swim to keeping wet clothes separate from your dry luggage, Ziplocs are worth their weight in gold. Bring a handful as they cover you for anything you might encounter.

Slip-Resistant Flip Flops

Most people know to pack a pair of flip-flops on their trip. But are you packing sandals that have tread? Those cheap flip-flops can have a sole that’s worn smooth. With wet tile on the sidewalks of Cozumel, it can be like walking on ice when you have no tread.

Mask, Snorkel, and Fins

Want to take a look under the water? We don’t blame you. It’s a unique world under there and the beauty of snorkeling in tropical waters shouldn’t be missed. And while you can rent gear from most places, we’d recommend bringing your equipment. First, paying to rent a mask, snorkel, and fins can be expensive. You are also using something that others have used before, which is dangerous because of COVID-19.

Phone Charger

Just a friendly reminder. You should put the charger in your suitcase now. It’s extremely easy to overlook. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of Cozumel and realize that your phone battery is flashing red.

Phone/Passport Dry Pouch

If you are planning to go to the beach, you’ll want somewhere to keep your passport, credit cards, room key, and cash dry. You can likewise use it for your phone if you want to bring it with you to the beach.

Wide-Brimmed Hat

The sun in the tropics is no joke. The more direct rays mean you sunburn more. There are no stronger means to ward off sunburn than to keep the sun off you, to begin with. Large hats are constantly in fashion because they protect your face and neck from becoming sunburned. A lightweight version will help keep you cool. We recommend something not made of dark heavy cloth which can leave your head sweltering.

Walking Shoes

Everyone knows to bring some sandals if you’re headed to the beach, but if you’re going on vacation, then you should also get some comfy walking shoes. You don’t want your feet to be uncomfortable while you are on vacation.


The sun will dry out exposed body parts, especially your lips. Pick one with good SPF too.

Rain Coat

Cozumel is in the tropics, which means rain keeps things green. It does not always rain, but when it does the sky opens up. Do not let a little liquid sunshine ruin your day.

A Copy of Your Passport

Everyone knows to bring their passports. But it’s an excellent idea to bring a copy of the front page of your passport. You’ll have identification just in case you misplace your passport.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

You may not realize how powerful the Cozumel sun is until it’s too late. Choosing the right sunscreen is important not only to protect skin from burns and cancer but also to preserve our oceans and marine life.

Aloe Gel

Everyone recognizes it’s appropriate to bring sunscreen, but many people never think to bring aloe in case you get burned. The lower latitudes of the Caribbean mean the sun is much stronger than you’re likely used to. Being ready to limit and treat sunburn on your Cozumel vacation.

Waterproof Drybag

There’s invariably a conundrum when you head out in the water. What do you do with your valuables? That’s why we recommend obtaining a dry bag. Put your items in the bag, seal, and roll it up and you have a splash-proof container that you can take into the water with you. No more having to worry and monitor your valuables onshore. They likewise come in any color you’d prefer and with a waterproof phone case.

Insect Repellent

With the fears spreading about the Dengue virus, you must bring mosquito repellent. Be sure to apply it as often as sunscreen to keep from getting bitten. Remember, dusk and dawn are the worst times to be outside.


Bring your shades on a Cozumel vacation. The only dilemma is that it’s so easy to forget them at home or in the car. With the reflection of the sun off the water, having sunglasses is a must. An extra pair in your luggage will allow you not to worry about forgetting them later. Worst case, you’ll have a backup pair on your vacation.

Lightweight Backpack

To carry a change of clothes and some towels, get a lightweight bag. With Polyester backpacks, it is not a problem if they get wet because they will dry. If you don’t need it, the bag also folds down into a small pouch and does not take up much space. Also, these bags are great helpers when you go to the grocery store since Cozumel has banned the plastic bag.


You rarely carry cash on a day-to-day basis because of the widespread use of credit cards. In Cozumel, pack enough cash to get through the day. Using cash is more secure than using your credit cards plus credit cards are not accepted everywhere like they are back in the USA.

Refillable Bottle

When you are hanging out around Cozumel, it’s always nice to have a refillable bottle with you. This way you can always have some water nearby instead of having to find a restaurant to get a drink. 


Ensure a stress-free and enjoyable Cozumel vacation by packing these essentials. From health and safety to comfort and convenience, our list has you covered for a memorable trip!

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