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How to spend a rainy day on Cozumel

How to spend a rainy day on Cozumel

You have landed in sunny Cozumel ready for your ideal vacation filled with tropical days and icy drinks; The only obstacle is, it’s raining. While you may assume that all of your beach plans have fled out the window, don’t declare your Cozumel vacation an absolute bust just yet. Let us teach you how to still have a wonderful holiday on Cozumel, even when it’s drizzling.

1. Have a Spa Day

The last place you choose to be on a sunny day is inside, which is why a rainy day is suitable for taking advantage of all the amazing amenities that a spa has to provide. Treat yourself to a full spa day complete with manicures, hot stone massages, and facials. While it is pouring outside, you can sit back and relax and enjoy a day of pampering on your Cozumel vacation.

2. Go Shopping

Everyone always loves to do some shopping while they are on vacation. What better way to spend a day indoors than obtaining some new swimsuits for when the sun comes back out, maybe even pick up some souvenirs for your loved ones back home? Cozumel has plenty of stores for you to investigate out while you are here. They furnish our waterfront with fascinating shops and plenty of outstanding restaurants for you to eat after you’re exhausted from a shopping spree. If you’re seeking for something more top end, check out Pama Cozumel on Melgar and discover all of your favorite designer labels right here in Cozumel!

3. Go to the Movies

Is that movie you have been wanting to see coming out this week? Pick your seats when you purchase your tickets and enjoy the movie from a comfy two-seater recliner. Snack on gourmet snacks and meals. This is a novel way to experience the movies and will make you forget about the rain.

4. Scuba Dive

Unless a tropical storm has blown onto the island or the winds are raging from the north, diving trips go out every day with Scuba Tony. You can still dive because it doesn’t rain underwater. While snorkelers will find their visibility decreased during heavy rain, divers get down below the freshwater that accumulates on the surface and can still enjoy amazing visibility.

Don’t let the rain ruin your vacation and try out some of these activities that will save the day. There’s nothing like a tropical rainstorm to make you sprawl out in your covered patio at Stingray Villa and the sounds of raindrops hitting the palm fronds. Enjoy the moment and let go of your stresses from home. At the very least, if it’s raining all day and you must stay indoors, you won’t get sunburned! Book your Cozumel vacation today!

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