What’s On At The Cinema on Cozumel

What’s On At The Cinema on Cozumel

When you are here staying on the island, you will ask, “What’s on at the cinema on Cozumel”? The scene is far more than an activity for many and beyond an obsession for some. It’s a space where reality melts away or gets replaced by someone else’s problems, at least for two hours in the dark. Whether you’re into movies because your friends are forcing you–or because this is the blockbuster you have been waiting for–there’s something for everyone. Movie-going in Mexico is as popular as ever, despite the country being among those where there is the most video piracy. Big box-office movies bring hordes to the theaters, and decent seats at the most convenient times are scarce for the first week after their release. Make sure you show up at least 45 minutes early for hot tickets, or you’ll get stuck sitting upfront. 

Cozumel now has two Cinemas on the island, Cinepolis Cozumel (next to the Chedraui supermarket) and Cinemex (in the plaza Langosta Mall). These theaters have a lush interior and snazzy mezzanines, and even the bathrooms offer a touch of class. The tourists will also love that it’s right across the street from the waterfront, which will inspire them to remind you of when Cozumel only saw one cruise ship a week.

We are lucky to see first-run movies for approximately $4 USD. If you can view your movies before 5 pm, you will never run into crowds, but if you wait till 7 pm, you may have trouble finding a seat. We love the size of the seats in Cinemex and they include a seat tray. Both cinemas are seven theater complexes with stadium-style seating  (nothing kills a movie like the shadowed bust of the six-foot three-inch theatergoer in front of you). Be sure to check out their popcorn selection: their classic is a salty, buttery bag of perfection, plus they’ve got caramel corn and slushies for a taste of something sweet. Another plus: pristine bathrooms! The reasonable prices and air conditioning allow astonished tourists a pleasant afternoon or evening experience away from the beaches and restaurants. As we are big film fans, this is something we do at least once every two weeks. The Cinemas have comfortable seats that recline with most of the movies in English and sub-titled for the locals.

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